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  1. hi,
    Thanks for you help. I used <iframe> and it works on android 2.3.3. It still doesnt work on android 2.2
    I dont know why.:(
    any differences between them?
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    I have a problem need your helps. So please take a look at my issue here and give me some tips to fix it.
    I use tappanel in sencha touch 2. Simple like

    And in controller I add history to...
  3. hi all,

    Please help me with video in sencha touch, i had more 3 days with it but it still dont work so far. I work perfect on Chrome but with Android device.
    I dont know how to fix it, or any...
  4. Hi ,
    I followed map example in sencha touch 2, and I did it. But one thing that is i'm using android 2.2, it can not be zoomed when i using two touches on it.
    Can sencha touch do it? or it is not...
  5. Thanks for your share.
    But how can i authenticate user login without network online. User can only create new task if you login successful. Or when user registrations with sencha io, does local...
  6. Hi all,

    I am a newbie in sencha touch.
    I want to make my own proxy to update my store with php proxy
    and my configuration of store. There is something like:
  7. hi,

    I have an app called "TodoList" with follow functionalites:
    - Login/registration to sencha touch
    - Create new task and list todo tasks.

    I user senchaio to register...
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