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    Hello i have multiple dataview's in my application they work perfectly but sometime it's not completely clear what field is what for that i would like to use headers of some sort to point of what...
  2. I'm sorry the builder does not get the permissions right i ment.
  3. I have made an sencha touch 2 application which used the geolocation class for google maps, when i builded the application for Android it didn't require GPS permission which as a consequence.

  4. Is there anybody who figured out how to do this?
  5. The code that loops through an array. The rest is faster.
    Strangely enough when i builded it when the new version of the sdk the problem seems te been solved..
  6. Today i tested my application on an iPhone 4 and there pinch did work so i guess it must be android.
  7. Hello,
    I've just used the command 'sencha app build production' on my application starting up works a lot faster now.
    but on startup my applications loops through an array that function is much...
  8. Any update on this problem?
    I have the same problem on my ZTE blade with android 2.3.7
  9. Same here a guide which explains packaging step by step would really be appreciated
  10. I have the same problem here

    this is the code i use:

    element: 'element',
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    hi my applications show a div in the main.js file now i want to add a click(or tap) event to the div how do i do this?
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    Hello i want a user to be able to click on a button inside a google maps infowindow and after the user pressed the button i want it to go to a detailview how do i do this?
    currently this is my code...
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