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  1. I tried with ASCII $#36; ... now ILLEGAL TOKEN, instead of UnexpectedIdentifier.

    I think perhaps it's the method setHtml and setLabel... because in src/ux/Cart/controller/Indicator.js I used the...
  2. So the error message changed but now it's unexpected token.

    Come to find out it's because I've added in a $ dollar symbol to be in front of the money in the cart.

  3. Yeah it was kind of strange. I blew the entire thing out and created a new application from sencha create app command. This seemed to resolve that issue and it's building fine. However when running...
  4. Currently this is the contest of the app.json file:

    * The application's namespace, used by Sencha Command to generate classes
    "name": "CCOR",

  5. I seem to be having a problem trying to build this application to a production build. Always seems to stall on

    [INFO] Deploying your application to C:\SampleShoppingCart\build\production
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