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  1. I have a GridPanel to which I have attached a RowEditing plugin with a defined canceledit method. The canceledit method gets called correctly when I manually cancel by clicking the cancel button,...
  2. I have looked into trying to implement this in GXT 2.3.1. And it should be almost trivial as long as you don't really care about actually having three distinct states. That is the checked state is...
  3. We are trying to use the XTemplate mechanism, but we found the following problem. For the template string "{value:number(\"0.00\")}" everything works great as long as value is non-zero. However,...
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    While I am a bit concerned that this is for the nightly build, it is certainly better than nothing. Thanks!
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    I am afraid I do not understand the response.
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    Once again the 2.x demo is gone. The link now points to a 3.1 beta demo page. Can the 2.x demo page be brought back?
  7. Well, as I have answered myself in There is a problem with using HideMode.VISIBILITY in a tab item. It...
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    Well I have discovered the lurking bug. When I have two tabs with HideMode.VISIBILITY in the same tab panel the second one does not display its contents when it is supposed to. So you CANNOT use...
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    Can't you just override the ComboBox's isDirty() method to always return false?
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    After posting my own answer to, the answer begs the question: why not use HideShow.VISIBILITY everywhere?
  11. My appologies, the Enum is of course HideMode.VISIBILITY no HideMode.Visibility as stated above.
  12. Calling setHideMode(HideMode.Visibility) on the TabItem does the trick. The applet maintains its state on hide/show at least for IE, FireFox, and Chrome.

    Note, if you have nested tabs, all of the...
  13. I have a Java Applet that I am trying to put into a ContentPanel in a TabItem. In IE the Applet behaves as I would like. That is, it maintains its state as I switch between tab items. However, in...
  14. I just upgraded to GXT 3.0.1 and my application started throwing the following exception while trying to redraw a chart.

    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  15. Thanks for the feedback. I will pursue option 2.

    About the clone bit, thinking about it last night, I surmised that the clone approach is wrong even without getting into the general issues around...
  16. I have a BeanModel that I am displaying in a panel that I pass to a pop-up dialog for editing. If the user cancels the edit dialog I want the BeanModel to revert to its original state, but I am...
  17. So what approach would you recommend to someone wanting a "GridField" type object? ListField doesn't seem to quite fit the bill. I really do want to be able to have a ColumnModel and set...
  18. What I am trying to construct is something like a FileUploadField. Any suggestions?
  19. I would like to create a class that extends Field that has a ComboBox as the actual field element but has a few buttons associated with it. I am doing this by extending AdapterField. A stripped...
  20. Thanks! Resources were the problem. While the new ones were in the build path, so were the old ones.
  21. The discussion in the Premium Forum does not inspire one to want to pay for the Premium Forum. The questioner shows that they have a combobox...
  22. I'm still not sure why trying to create a new grid failed to work. However, I have found that the method I wanted was 'reconfigure'. By using this I can create the grid once and switch the store...
  23. What I would like to do is have several different possible query forms be used to populate a Grid. The different query forms would be in a TabPanel that would be the first card in a CardPanel, with...
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