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  1. Theres another mysterious bug here as well. For some reason the dropdown lists are being cropped. They ought to be at least as long as the words in the list but they aren't. I've inspected it with...
  2. I didn't bother creating a field on the fly, I just added a hidden field to my layout to use as a storage field for the tree and as it was already within the form there was no problem using it.
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    Just use the window.resize event handler and have that call whatever function you need.
  4. Currently when you hit the "Abort" button, it just hides the wizards. It doesn't reset any fields or even restart the cards.
    Resetting fields is going to be somewhat dependant on the controls you...
  5. Can you post your solution please?
  6. bump... hmm - spent some time on this and can't figure out why IE7 isn't rendering the HTML referenced by contentEl in the first tab.

    id: 'card-0',
    items: [{
    html: '<p>Step 1 of 5</p>'...
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    I'm no expert, but I'll have a crack at this..

    The ContentEl config option allows you to set the id of a HTML node as the content of the container. It's handy if you need to just display a chunk...
  8. Where do you guys get your icons? Really nice work !
  9. Yup, I'm seeing (or rather not seeing) that problem with IE7 not displaying the first page text. One other small issue - the path to your image is wrong.

    Other than that, great demo. Thanks for...
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    Tomcat throwing an exception at the moment but I'll try again later...
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    Is there a demo of this actually working anywhere?
  12. Experienced consultant required for a fairly straightforward application i.e.
    Nav bar, search form and tabbed content panel containing grids.

    Please PM if interested with availability and rates
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    Same thing here - my account locked after 5 failed attempts as well. Source IP was
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