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    Hi Jonasba,

    It looks great!

    Is this also possible to change this into a sencha touch project?
  2. Hi Dustfinger,

    First of all, thanks for sharing and telling us your steps as described above.
    I got also problems when compiling into Android Apps.
    I would like to generate my app into...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    Can you provide a sample on how to use websockets? I have heard about it, but don't know how to use it into Sencha Touch/Sencha Architect.

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    Thanks Aconran,

    I had to make it work :)


    Thanks for your example =D>
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    thanks, this also works for me :)
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    i'm also looking for this, can someone help us with some example?
    i would like to know how to call a function inside a tpl (like a the tpl in a list)

    can someone provide us/me an example?

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    When will architect 2.1 come out?

    Besides, how can we activate the Xtemplate in stead of using itemTpl? Or I might be confused with?
  8. I had the same problem, and to solve this, i have used media queries in SASS to tackle this.
    I'm using css to detect wether I got iphone 3/3GS or iphone 4/4S (retina display) and set the css...
  9. When I want to load a json file in my datastore from a certain domain, i got the following error:

    SyntaxError: Parse error

    Source Class:...
  10. i got the same issue.
    How can I load an XML or JSON file from an another domain?

    pls help
  11. Can this be a cors domain problem?
  12. @Digeridoopoo

    I think you shouldn't use the navigationview in this case. Because the detailed information only 'push' the data in the same view.
    So achive this, I will create a container, with...
  13. @Phil,

    can you provide an example on what you mean with "create an own html based on app.html"?
  14. Thank you once again, celticboyone, it works! Cheers .... =D>

    Now, I'm a step further with my app :)
  15. Celticboyone,

    I have tried an action on the back button from the navigation list, but i still got an error "Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'deselectAll' "

    I have use...
  16. Celticboyone, you're great!! =D>

    I'm just working as you describe out on example1. And I got it to work!
    i'll show you the result ~o)

    Please see attached the Final result.... after two full...
  17. Hi Celticboyone, first thank you for your detailed explanation and example.

    I have try to make it as you describe, however I missed the last steps:
    1) the push navigation didnt work, I got an...
  18. I would like to see an example just like sencha touch 2, Oreilly and Kitchen Sink
    I think those examples 'made by sencha Architect' should cover a lot of the power and advantage of Sencha Architect!...
  19. hi celticboyone, first thank for your reply.
    hi Celticboyone, first thanks for your reply. I should try the example you provided.
    Last week I have tried a whole week to makes my example works....
  20. @jeffyt, your listdetail.xds is empty?
  21. I am also looking for this and can't figure it out.
    Can anyone help?
  22. I missed a demo about theming for an app.
    Not only on how to use compass and css sass, but also for development like an iphone and ipad.
    How can I do the check for an iPad/iPhone? And what about...
  23. Thanks Daniel!

    I will compare it with the mine and see what I missed yet.
    (Hope I can find it)

  24. Great work!! =D>
  25. Thanks Allister,

    I will try to figure it out with use of your example.

    Thanks for your help and sharing :)

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