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  1. thanks for your code!
  2. Replies
    transform seems only work for combobox,
    if you want it work for the date field or other form field,you can extent and add the config.
  3. i have the same problem,
    does extjs4 has any way to figure out this?
  4. thanks,
    i want to put a clear button and a selectall button to the combobox..

    i'll try it.
  5. hi,
    i want to add a tbar with clear button and select all button to the combobox,
    how can i start to do it ??

    wait for your help,thanks.
  6. thanks for reply slemmon,
    but what i want is transform a input(
    <input type=text> ) not a select element
    any ideas?
  7. hi,
    i want to change a <input type=text> element to a ext Combox,but either config 'transforn' or 'applyTo' is not work,would anyone help me?
  8. thanks slemmon,
    but i still can't figure out.
    i want to drag the button into the grid's header to cancel the group,
    can you give me some advice how to start?
  9. hi
    i rewrote the code in Extjs4.2,please see here :
  10. Hi,
    here's my code multigrouping and multigrouping summary of the grid's feature in extjs4.2,
    i test it in IE7 and run perfectly in my project.
    hope it's useful for you!

  11. i still have some confusion,how can i drop the item out of the toolbar!
  12. thanks slemmon,
    the ToolbarDroppable is useful for me,i'll try to use it to make the grid can easy grouping. thanks
  13. dear all,

    I want to make the grid more convenient,is there any
    extension to make the grid can
    drags and drop columns header out of it to group by those columns?
    just like the follow example:...
  14. i found some source of grouping was rewrite in extjs4.2, like the method 'getFeatureTpl' was never call in extjs4.2,
    so i want to rewrite multigrouping to let it work in extjs4.2,but still can't...
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