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  1. I can verify that this is still an issue in 1.1.x. Anyone bother to give an update?
  2. This works almost perfectly. There's only one thing that spoils the experience: the moment you stop pinching the image it jumps out of place and then quickly jumps back. It's only for a few...
  3. so, is this considered a bug? any feedback?
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    You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. ;)

    This thread should be moved to discussion/help as it is not really a bug.
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    First thing I'd recommend is to set the id when you instantiate the TabPanel not for the class. Also, why do you extend Ext.TabPanel

    Ext.extend(Ext.TabPanel, config)

    when you neither extend...
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    In your case, there is no need to dynamically change the flex. If you only have one list it'll just take up the space it needs. That's what flexible box layouts are all about.
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    If you want them to appear on the panel at the same time, next to each other don't use the card layout. it only shows one item at a time. Use an hbox layout instead like this:

    layout: {
  8. I found a solution that seems to work. I added listeners for the resize and orientationchange events to the TabPanel where I call doComponentLayout for all Tabs.

    listeners: {
    resize: function...
  9. Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
    Platform tested against:

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    I thought about a solution for the pinch behaviour (let me add the information that I am using PhoneGap and thus a WebView) and had an idea that might actually work. In your Activity you could do the...
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    The goal of this thread is to collect issues or quirks people are experiencing running their apps on Android devices and hopefully find solutions for those issues that can be resolved. I am aware...
  12. After reading a couple of threads about the pinch gesture not working on Android I tried to find out how this gesture generally works and found the following code (which is the same as in the...
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    I have a Sencha Touch App wrapped in PhoneGap that requests data from a remote server. As the server resides in a different domain I am using a ScriptTagProxy. My proplem is the following: The server...
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    thanks for responding.
  15. Has this actually been fixed? Whenever I remove a docked component from a panel with a card layout the active card is not shown anymore. doComponentLayout is called but does not seem to work...
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    I have a similar problem. I try to put several hbox 'rows' into a vbox layout to simulate a grid kind of thing but all I get to see is the items inside the rows lined up one below the other. Same...
  17. Well, the data in your initial post is flat. Your items don't have sub-items and you have not set the leaf property to true on any of them. Look at the data from the API docs:
  18. Unless it's a copy/paste typo you should have a closing curly bracket for your json and if you have your json in a file add the file extension:

    url: '/public/models/contacts.json'

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    you could probably develop and test on android devices without eclipse only using your editor of choice and the tools that come with the android sdk. the sdk is mandatory though. for iPhone there's...
  20. Thanks for your help. Your code will probably not help me though. I need to use a ScriptTagProxy and there is neither a failure callback nor the option to inspect the response.
  21. The only time the exception event gets fired is when the request times out. Not really useful that way. Anyone of the developers able to help out?
  22. No One? Btw. I am using a ScriptTagProxy if that makes any difference here.

    The Connection/Ajax classes provide a requestexception event that can be handled and where the response status can be...
  23. Hello everybody,

    is it possible to check the http response status for requests sent via a store/proxy. My server sends a 401 when the user authentication fails and in that case I want the login...
  24. You can develop using compressed files but debugging will be a pain with them. WebKit browsers like Chrome or Safari have a JavaScript console that let's you step through the code at runtime watch...
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    Well your SupplementList has the ProfileStore as it's store and is therefore showing profiles.
    You should not set the list's store when you create it but only call...
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