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  1. In my case, I'm using Touch 2.3.0, but the problem persists. See the image, please:

  2. When I build my Sencha Touch 2.3 project with phonegap native into CMD 4, the fieldset don't show round borders correctly. See in the screenshot:

  3. Hi guys,

    Same problem again. I have updated Sencha Architect to the 1278 build. Was working normally until I tried create a Project Template. I have created the template, but when I went...
  4. +1
  5. Hi,

    I have the same problem in MountainView, but I solve it so:

    1. In app.json:
    Change it:

    "path": "resources/css/app.css",
    "update": "delta"
  6. Hi guys,

    News: The problem occur in a MacOS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with JavaSDK 6. Now, I upgraded my system to 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) and I installed to the JavaSDK 7. After run the same...
  7. Hi Aaron,

    Here is the screencast:

  8. Hi,

    I have tested, and the problem only occurs on start screen. The "File > New Project" menu, open the New Project window normally. In my environment I have 2 Architect installations in...
  9. When I click in the create button Architect close unexpectedly. When reopen automatic again the error message appear:

    Process: Sencha Ion [37776]
    Path: ...
  10. Replies

    Why when I'm creating a custom button skin this only works to the button with scale small? Medium and Large scale don't apply the skin.

  11. Well, I'm only creating a custom UI theme for a button, in the Theming Docs there is nothing reference that I need create the button images and rename it to theming a single button. Then how I do to...
  12. Hi,
    I have created a new theme, like the Theming documentation. In this theme I have created a new button ui
    like this:

    $warning-button-background-color: #faa732 !default;...
  13. Really Phil,

    I don't have seen that, just because I wanted this property i Thank you very much.
  14. Hi Sencha Architect development team,

    Yesterday, I needed a custom 'renderer' in a Grid Column into Architect, but this property hasn't present into Property Inspector. Then I realized if...
  15. Replies
    Sorry, the project has been updated. Follow the new link:
    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome Last version
    FF 18
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  17. Here is the app.js:

    enabled: true
  18. Hi,

    I have tested an application that works perfectly on Chrome in IE8, in development mode, with dynamic script loading. The code don't works, it don't load the dynamic scripts. When I...
  19. Hi all,

    I have a Panel, in a tab, with border layout and with two panel within. In the panel at east region I have a anchor layout defined, at this panel have child panels like the follow image:...
  20. The bug occurr when I update the Ext version to beta 1, but, for any reason, the error is not happening now. Sorry, if I reproduce the error, I will provide you this information.
  21. Hi all,

    When I have defined an emptyText property in a combobox, some times, when I typing in this component the emptyText is selectable, and it disturb the typing.

  22. Hi all,

    When I have a common combobox with mode property defined as 'remote', it's Loading Mask is applied on all browser avaiable region, and not only in combobox element.

  23. Hi,

    I have the same problem, details is related in this post
  24. Hi all,

    In PR5 the error message was removed, but as previous problem, when select the new value, it is not selected in combo.

  25. Hi all,

    I have a combobox like it:

    xtype: 'combo',
    displayField: 'name',
    valueField: 'name',
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