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    Does anybody knows how to add a new TableItem to a Table component, but insert it on the top of the list?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, I got a problem with ComboBox, when I programmatically call .expand( ) on the combo, the result is that the combo does expand but when I select on any item on the list, I would have to...
  3. Hi, can anybody help me on this : I got a checkbox which when check will call load() on the loader, but in my load listener, i found that the store size is 0 even though the grid shows data loader...
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    Hi there, anyone tried creating a comboBox with checkboxes?
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    Here's the code i used:

    private LayoutContainer createFilterByColumn2() {
    FormLayout formLayout = new FormLayout();
  6. Hi, does anybody know how to change the background colour of LayoutContainer?

    I tried these 2 ways but still doesn't work:

    1. layoutContainer.setStyleAttribute("backgroundColor", "#f8fafc");
  7. nope, still doesn't work, i must be missing something
  8. Hi, I got a simple problem where the textField isnt' shown properly. Attached is the screenshot. I copied the code from the explorer application for advanced form..

    Below is the code I used:
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