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  1. does it work on linux? I am also waiting for this command to function on Windows 7
  2. I need to get the multislider component in Ext Js 3.1.1 as my project didn't upgrade yet. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Following solution fixes correctly. Activate all the tabs once after the viewport is layedout and set to default tab at the end.

  4. I don't think this is fixed in 3.2.1 also. I have the same issue. after adding columns cell selection model counts the columns wrongly. It forgets the previously added columns
  5. I am adding new columns and do the reconfigure on the existing grid. Then CellSelection model confuses in calculating the col index.
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    I pasting my treegrid code incase if anyone is looking for

    this.tree = new Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid({
    title: ''
    ,width: 900
    ,height: 600
    ,region: 'center'
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    I found the way to show tool tip now. add this template to your column

    tpl: new Ext.Template('<div qtip="<span><b>Min. Cycle Time: </b>{minCycleTime}'+
  8. This is because it uses Class Ext.list.Column doesn't have those configuration properties
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    Can anyone help to show dynamic tool tips in treegrid?
  10. I adjusted my data as follows and it works.

    {"children":[{"avgBitRate":"16.544 Kbps","avgCycleTime":"125.000 ms","dispString":"[Pid:48] PMT","maxCycleTime":"152.000...
  11. nope. didn't work
  12. my data is not a xml data. I only get json data with key value pairs always. I don't know how to set root node

    this.rootNode = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({name:'root', id: '0', uiProvider:...
  13. I have the same issue. I couldn't set the root node to the TreeGrid. Did you get the luck?
  14. i have the same issue. I couldn't load my treegrid with my data.

    How to set the root node?
  15. Did you find the solution. I have the same problem in EXTJS 3.2
  16. if the server shuts down load exception will work. But the server is still serving the data can not understand to the reader.

    this.schStore = new{
    proxy: new...
  17. Hi,

    I have problem of handling the specific response in store. I try to reload the store when the session is timedout. My server will send the following response when the session timeout.

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