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  1. I made a joke on my Facebook page:

    I'm going to make a Sleeping Sounds app for the iPhone with three settings: "White Noise", "Gentle Rain in the Forest", and "Carl Sagan reads anything"
  2. One of the biggest hurdles would probably be making the design transition to MVC. While used to MVC while designing native Android and iOS apps, I grew accustomed to simple functional design while...
  3. VoterUp ( was created to allow campaign volunteers to use smart phones to fill out canvassing questions. Managers draw areas on a Google map using the related desktop web app, and...
  4. Tested on Mac OS X Chrome 17:

    It seems that the searchfield's clearIcon disappears after using it the first time.

    To test:

    Using example "forms_toolbar":
    1. Enter test into search field....
  5. I am also having issues with nested panels (though I'm using Ext 4.1) and the gogle map extension.. specifically, when placing a google map panel in a tabpanel. onResize is never called, and the...
  6. I have an app with an icon and a phoneStartupScreen defined (see code).

    My app is at url http://localhost:8080/MyApp/mobile
    My index.html is at http://localhost:8080/MyApp/mobile/index.html
  7. Is there a workaround to get the value? I'm getting the same issue with sliderfields in a fieldset.
  8. I need to change the thumb image depending on the value.

    In PR2 I was able to do the following:

    if (opts == -1){
  9. I have a login panel with a logo that loaded correctly in PR2. When I load it using PR3, I get:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setWidth' of undefined. (all-debug line 38922)

    If I...
  10. Also having the same problem.
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    I'm also having this problem. Not only can I not close an infowindow, but my infowindow has a link with an onclick event that opens a new view. Works in Chrome, not in Safari on iOS 5.
  12. @jamieavins I have pr2 and am having the same issue. Was it fixed on pr2 or the next release?
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    I have a gridpanel that loads the first page correctly (showing the correct numbers for pages and total), but doesnt load the second page. The toolbar indicated that it is displaying the second page...
  14. My brother and I have been working with a firm in Little Rock, Arkansas to provide free information about the state legislature. We created a free iPhone app, called LobbyUp Directory. It is...
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    i am interested in helping too.. i like the larger font sizes and general feel of aristo
  16. Can you share your code for the callback you wrote? I have a similar requirement for my app.
  17. I have a combobox inside of a ext.panel, inside of an ext.window. When I click the down arrow to show the possible SELECT options, the options pop up at the top-left of the browser window, instead...
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