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  1. Thanks for your fast replies.

    The ext.js which I use is created from the "Build" functionality. Is it possible to create a debug version of it as well?

    I am not sure if the error occurs with...
  2. Hi,

    I have an application which uses the "build" version of ext-all.js file.

    I use Firefox in Windows XP and there is no problem/error with my browser. My colleague is using the same...
  3. Ok!! Thanks for the fast reply.
  4. Solved at:

  5. Hi,

    The ext-all.css does...
  6. Hi,

    The ext-all.css does...
  7. Hi,

    Problem is that the currently 'ISO-8859-15' encoded application messes up the special characters!

    The code is:

    win = Ext.WindowMgr.get(mode);
    if (!win) {
  8. Or may be it is possible to have "Accept-Charset" as "ISO-8859-15" ?!

    At present, firebug shows:

    Accept-Charset ISO-8859-1,utf-8;q=0.7,*;q=0.7
  9. Hi,

    We use the ExtJS-Window in our application which works fine if its charset is UTF-8! The special characters are messed up in the ISO-8859-15 charset environment (especially when dealing with...
  10. Any one on this thread ?!
  11. thanks :)
  12. Sorry, didn't posted the title with rules! It should have been:

    [2.0] required files missing!

    I can't seem to edit the title or delete thread to repost again!
  13. Hi,

    1. The Prototype/ extension for ExtJs has only the effects.js which is used by scriptaculous.js file! The following JS files are missing:

    * builder
    * dragdrop
  14. The problem is simply that win.close() seems to close/destroy the form, but win.hide() doesn't! I would like to have the form closed/destroyed using win.hide()! Kindly tell me "how" can I destroy the...
  15. Hi,

    I hide the ExtJS Window (instead of close) when the "close" button/icon is clicked! The Window component code is:

    win = new Ext.Window({
    id: win_id,
  16. Hi, Is it possible to make a window with complete transparent background?!

  17. Hi hendricd, Great, thanks!!

    Its just that I'm getting used to "understanding" the API docs! :)
  18. Thanks Animal. The "update" call is performed from the Ajax request in the above code.. i.e:

    if (results) {
    tabValues = eval(results);
  19. CODE minimized.
  20. From the FAQ:

    Scripts in my Ajax-loaded markup are not executed: Script execution in Ajax-loaded markup is not enabled by default for performance reasons. Script elements...
  21. Hai!

    During onclick event on some elements of the main page (say: main_page.php), I generate a "Window" component using Ajax (say the requested page is: detail_page.php)! The ExtJS code in the...
  22. I will try to explain simple:

    Main page (PHP) produces HTML code like:

    <img src="edit.gif" id="edit-dialog-398" onclick="showMask('398', 'Loss', 'edit', '10', event.screenX, event.screenY)"...
  23. The number of links (10) is actually dynamic and so, I cannot create the JavaScript function in the main page! Clicking a link invokes Ajax request (say for example: view_item.php?id=5) which sends...
  24. I need JavaScript functions to be defined and called from within the called Ajax page! I understand that all the Application logic, Javascript code has to be defined in the main page, but I have a...
  25. It works with this solution :):

    if (results) {
    tabValues = eval(results);
    var tabs = win.getComponent(0);

    // First tab is...
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