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  1. Hi ,

    I managed to use ext-debug.js in sandbox mode. All you need to do is to add around the existing source code with the following :

    if (typeof Ext === 'undefined') {...
  2. Did anybody tried to modify existing ext-debug.js file in order to work in sandbox mode?
  3. Can you provide me some example of how you managed to achieve this , as I suppose to do the same thing.

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    I need the same thing. I would want to define a serie with is own store . Any ideas?
  5. Did anybody succeded on printing the charts using extjs 4? I could not find any option for this in the API.
  6. Hi,
    I want to have inside a grid the possibility to keep some rows in a fixed position ( not to be in the scrollable region), or to use multiple vertical scrolls , for different row groups. Any...
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    Just found the problem. After removing the shadow attribute from chart definition the problem was solved
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    I am trying to hide a column series from a chart . But some border lines are still displayed.
    This is how the column series is defined :

    type: 'column',
    gutter : 1,
  9. Already tried that but without success . The div containing the chart draw surface is still very small.
    This is how I tried :
    container panel configuration

  10. I want to render a line chart as a panel item. Because I want to use only the chart part from Extjs 4 , the panel containing the chart is an Ext js 3 one. I followed the indications from this blog...
  11. I also tried your solution ...or something similar...but I run into another problem : The panel made with extjs4 is constructed and rendered to a div defined in another panel made with extjs...
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    Yes it possible . For we it works in the following way :
    var el = Ext.get('chart').dom; - get the div element to render the chart into <div id='''chart'/>

    var storeT =...
  13. Just try to use JS Builder 2 , the command line version with JDK 1.5 and also 1.6 , but it does not work. It seems like the jdk version is not ok.
    So what is the recommened version , and ant one ?...
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    Hi Any news regarding the doctype , as I am facing the same problem ?
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