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    I am searching for an Ext-based expression builder, but I suspect there has not been one created yet. I thought of using the TreeGrid as a starting point.

    I have found one that is close in...
  3. This is what I did to get rid of it:

    .x-grid3-dirty-cell {
    background:url(../js/ext-2.2/resources/images/default/s.gif) no-repeat scroll 0 0;

    Mike V.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I searched the list of extensions here, and also did an advanced search for "tab" on both of the extension forums.

    Finally, after searching for "reorder", I found this...
  5. I need to be able to create a TabPanel with several tabs where the tabs themselves are draggable left/right to reorder them. I have searched this forum, but have not found anything like this. ...
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    I am also interested in seeing if someone has accomplished this. My company uses Virtual Earth instead of Google Maps.

    Mike V.
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    Many requests have been made here for complete code. I took all of the posts and merged the results as best as I could. I have tried moving single and multiple rows and it works great. I did end...
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    To make sure that the code is working and updated.

    Since posting it, I have found a couple of issues. I am hoping someone who has a good working copy (ie: one or more of the authors from the...
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    I have taken all of the posts in this thread and merged the updates into what I hope is the latest code. I am posting it here so that someone can confirm this is indeed the latest revision, and also...
  10. Here you go, smudgeface. Hope it helps you out. I modified it somewhat from some code that Condor had on another thread. Basically, I added the position to the ID of the title element, to allow...
  11. Condor - you are awesome! Thank you very much.

    Mike V.
  12. Condor,

    Thank you for the answers. I was able to accomplish exactly what I wanted for the collapsed title. However, I changed the CSS for pageContent to:

    #pageContent {...
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    While this does work nicely, you lose the bottom border line of the ColumnTree. I tried to fix this but had no success. Anyone else? This was on Ext 2.2 and IE7 and FF3.

    Mike V.
  14. I am using Ext 2.2 with Firefox 3 and have a border layout with center and east panels. Within the east panel is another border layout with center and south panels. Each of these panels contains a...
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    I am having the same issue as you with not being able to expand them panels once they have been collapsed. I can resize mine, but something is "weird" with the splitter. Hopefully,...
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    Actually, it needs to be this:

    <em unselectable=\"on\"><button class=\"x-btn-text\" type=\"{1}\" onfocus=\"this.blur()\">{0}</button></em>

    And remember to do it for each new version as it...
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    bump... anyone, please?
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    I am trying to create a tree sorter that works only when user-initiated rather than automatically. I believe I have done everything, but the sort direction is always the same as when the object was...
  19. Doug,

    While disappointing, thank you very much for your reply.

    Mike V.
  20. I have been having an issue getting my data to load into a store. After doing a side-by-side comparison of my data versus the sample data, the only difference I saw was the names of the data fields...
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