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  1. Seriously 1 and 1/2 month and stil no reply from the support team.

    Why are some bugs tracked after just a few hours while others keep getting ignored fore this long..
  2. Stil getting ignored..:(
  3. It would be nice to get a confirmation that the support team have seen my report whenever i post a bug report. Is there any particular order in witch you respond to bugreports, or is it random and...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a

    Browser versions tested against:
  5. How come you don't answere bugreports in any particular order?

    How come this thred just floated away unnoticed?
  6. To reproduse this bug:

    1-Go to
    2-Edit first row
    3-Change name to anything other then "Chris Vee"
    4-Click update
  7. Yes, I know thats not what this fix is for..

    Acording to the documentation, columns should be optional like:


    But currently this wil also remove all colunms. Thats a...
  8. Replies
    In the end the assosiations is'nt helpful at all in large applications.

    I think a better solution would be if the assosiations were some kind of filter between the referencing model and the...
  9. Replies
    Yes that might be a solution for me, but i stil belive my throuble comes brom a poor design of the extjs data package.

    I would expect a store to be an abstraction of a database table, and that the...
  10. Replies
    Say i have two models:

    Ext.define('App.model.Customer', {
    extend: '',

    fields: [
    {name: 'id', type: 'int'},
    {name: 'name', type: 'string'},
  11. Locks like you also have to comment out
    //headerCt.suspendLayout = true;

    to get resizing working
  12. Looks like my temporery fix introduced a new bug.

    Now when i resize columns the column title does not folow
  13. If not supplying columns to th the method reconfigure all columns are removed. In the documentation it says this sould be possible

    I found that reconfigure calls headerCt.removeAll(); eavne if...
  14. Never mind, I defently did not read It all..:D
  15. I noticed under the Extjs 4 documentation > guide > theaming that the suggested path to my-theme.sass is located under application/lib/Ext JS/resources/sass

    I think this is pretty unconvinient to...
  16. Stil no solution?
  17. To reproduse, use the example under Extjs API Docs -> Ext.form.FormPanel.

    Write something in both fields and the submit button gets enabled.
    Click the reset button and the submitbutton gets...
  18. Is it the intention that a restproxy Delete request wil require your response to contain the deleted record, or is this a bug you are goung to address?
  19. And finally i found the bug my selfe!

    Heres the solution:

    Ext.override(Ext.AbstractDataView, {
    prepareAssociatedData: function(record, _ids) {
    //we keep track of all of the...
  20. Looks like a bug in Ext.AbstractDataView.prepareData.
    I tried to run this in sted of xtemplate.overwrite(..):

    var dv = new Ext.DataView({store: 'Contacts',tpl: '<tpl for=".">{firstname}<tpl...
  21. It looks like the reason i can find the submodel records in my huge app is becose I use the store in a dataview running Ext.DataView.prototype.prepareData on the record.
    When modifying the handler...
  22. in trying to create a simple testcase I realised that I maght not hawe used the correct way to render the record through a XTemplate. What i expected was that the submodel data would be accessible...
  23. I use the model "Contact" with hasMany association to Address, Phone, Email

  24. Related to this bug, but sugested fix does not work.
  25. I have a Model with multiple HasMany association. I use this model in a XTemplate with the <tpl for="subModel">. When I'm only using one association it runs with no problem, but when I add another...
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