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  1. I’ve got the same problem. Is there any advice how to handle it?

    An application uses ExtJS 4.2.2 or ExtJS 4.1 (depending on the application’s version).
    All HTML pages are in quirks...
  2. I used the following browsers:

    IE10 in IE5-Quirks mode
    IE9 in Quirks mode (native IE9, not IE10 in IE9 mode!)
    IE8 in Quirks mode (native IE8)
  3. Use any Internet Explorer browser, switch it to Quirks Mode (in IE10 it must be “IE5-Quirks”).

    Then open!/example/.

    The tab panel is not...
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    Sencha Cmd and JRuby can be used without installation, e.g. on a build server (like Jenkins).

    To do that, do the following:
    Install Sencha Cmd on a local machine, zip the installation folder to...
  5. This bug is fixed, you can use the nightly build from 2012-12-02.
  6. Thank you for the quick answer!

    Is there already a fix or workaround? Where can I find and search the bugs? Is there a public bug tracking system? Please help, I’m not familiar with bug reports...

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome23 IE9 FF16

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  8. Upgrading is currently no option, I’m sorry. But o.k., please move this thread.
  9. In IE6 to IE8 there is a bug when showing an ExtJS 2.2.1 GridPanel that can be reproduced e.g. with this sites Basic Array Grid example.

    When clicking into the grid while holding Ctrl or Shift,...
  10. I've got the same problem in IE with Ext 2.2.1. Is there a fix now?
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