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  1. Hi,
    thanks for your response. I didn't create the icons (and am not sure if I'd know how to do so); however, the buttons still don't appear even if I try to use the "title" property only:

    { ...
  2. Hello,
    first of, I'm sorta new to Sencha and am currently trying to setup a test-project. Very basic, just a functionality to add and view entries from the local storage and maybe send it to a...
  3. Replies
    I've just started messing around with Sencha Touch again and am currently struggeling with the question of how to store a user's settings in the app (via a iOS-like settings-menu, i.e. a list...
  4. Darn it, now that was awfully simple. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hey,
    I've just started messing arround with Sencha Touch, read through some of the tutorials and encoutered and error which I don't understand at all:

    Uncaught Error: The following classes are...
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