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  1. Thanks for your help, The mistake that you...

    Thanks for your help,

    The mistake that you point out for layout is just bcoz I shown you the main part of code

    with static store u mentioned to use is working fine, and I feel the...
  2. problem in BoxSelect

    Thanks for the reply,

    I am not sure whether its bug or not. But what I had done is, I have downloaded files provided by you and put along with extJs4 files. and then below in my html code..

  3. Problem in BoxSelect`


    I am also facing the same problem as kunalshah6363 mentioned.

    Kindly suggest me how to overcome this as I tried lot but not succeeded

  4. Thnks riyaz:)

    Thnks riyaz:)
  5. ExtJS4 reloading store on button click event with different parameter

    I am new to ExtJs and I am using ExtJs4...

    Now As shown in below image, There is one textfield named keywords, What I want to do is When I click on the button it will pass data of textfield...
  6. populate the combobox dynamically in ExtJs

    I want to populate the combobox dynamically based on the data I received from thr Url(which is servlet)

    Below is my ExtJS code :
    { xtype:'combo', id: 'shoutoutsTags',
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