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  1. Solved: & Thanks

    That is exactly what i wanted to hear.

    I work for two companies and they will be purchasing some licenses very soon.

    Thank you,
  2. Future of EXT-GWT and Fusion Charts w/ GXT Grid/Tabl

    Is there a plan to have full integration of Fusion Charts and GXT Grids?

    For Example, clicking on a chart in a specific region might filter the Grid/Table.
    This is an extremely important issue...
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    Copy an entire grid row to clipboard?

    How do you copy and entire Editor.grid row to clipboard?
  4. Editor Problem because of window size

    Since i am using the desktop 2.0 module.

    I have a window inside the window i have a Tabpanel which has a border layout
    --has my grid
    --The columns are only editable up to the size...
  5. FireFox Grid Editor stop displaying after x Columns

    It appears as though there is some sort of bug with Editor Grid when there are many columns.

    I have a EditorGrid with 15 Columns.
    i am adding a editor:new Ext.form.TextField() to each of their...
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    Gird Cell Text not Selectable in FireFox

    While '<style type="text/css"> .x-grid3-row td { -moz-user-select:text;}</style>',
    does allow text to be selected in FireFox the column data does not stay aligned if you size the column.

  7. Solved: Add registreModule Code

    OK i got this work nicely.

    First i added this to the desktop App right after the getModules: function(){...},

    registerModule : function(objModule){
    if(typeof objModule == 'object'){
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    Fusion Chart Overlaping Panels

    I have some fusion charts in a tab panel. The problem is that when i select a different Window the tab panel window looses focus and moves behind the selected window, however the fusion chart within...
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    Sweet! Thats what i needed. Thanks so much!

    Sweet! Thats what i needed.

    Thanks so much!
  10. External Interfaces? Anychance you could go into detail

    Can you go into a little detail on that for me? What do you mean?
  11. Object not yet instatiated it think

    I have a feeling that since I haven't clicked the button from the start menu. the module has not loaded. There for it is not instantiated. perhaps it does not exist in the DOM yet?
  12. Referencing a Module loaded into the Desktop 2.0

    How do i reference a module loaded into the desktop 2.0 start menu.

    say i add a module to the start button call it "Help" id='help'.

    How to get a reference to it in javascript so that if the...
  13. Does anyone know how to get a reference to a...

    Does anyone know how to get a reference to a module that has been loaded into the Desktop 2.0 and make it load?
  14. But how do i refer to it?

    The thing is I don't know how to get a reference to it.
  15. Desktop 2.0 Load/Display module from code not from start menu click

    -Using the desktop 2.0 i have added Module in code block below:
    -Its added like normal to the desktop Start Menu.

    I can't seem to figure out how to load it it up(make it...
  16. Misunderstanding

    I guess i miss understood what i read from the TabPanel using the API.

    It has a layout:property just as a Panel does, and its primary description is:
    "A basic tab container. Tab panels can be...
  17. Just a quick question:

    *I will play with the heights: so far i have not gotten that to work. But is there a reason i had to add a panel to a tabPanel. Why can't i do everything in the tab panel?

    Also interestingly...
  18. Funny Stuff going on with tabs.

    I got that working, but the tabs get resized and i am not sure why. Any Thoughts?

    Below is my Code and attached is an image of what is happening.
    *Note this code is loaded as a basic module in...
  19. Creating Layout Inside Tab Panel with Grids and Images in Regions of Layout

    I am working with the Desktop.js demo

    I would like to have one of the windows (Modules) that can be loaded be a Tab Panel, but each panel needs to have a layout, so that i can have a grid in...
  20. Thats what i was needing.

    OK Sweet Thanks. Sorry about the code tags... I will remember for next time!
  21. Understanding: The config and accessing Items

    I am trying to understand how to access items in config file.

    When you instantiate an item var x = new Ext.grid.GridPanel.... its easy to pass x and refer to x.

    However when you do...
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    Accessing Data in Column Tree Node

    Hey guys,

    i have a column tree created, and i would like to make it so when i click the node of the tree i have access to data in the columns.

    I am working with the basic demo column tree:

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    Grid Rounding Float Values unexpectedly

    This post has been removed.
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