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  1. Fixed this issue by creating a new app directory...

    Fixed this issue by creating a new app directory with sencha app generate and migrating my old app to the new folder.
  2. [Cmd v3.1.2.342] Build Native produces syntax error

    I just recently upgraded sencha to the latest framework (touch 2.2.1) to resolve the UDID issue when submitting to the app store. However after upgrading I can no longer build! In the code block are...
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    Native Build Fails After Upgrade

    Good morning,

    I just upgraded to the latest sencha touch to resolve the UDID error when submitting to the app store now I cannot build the application. Any help would greatly appreciated. In the...
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    Draggable Scroll Container at Edge of screen


    I'm making an app in which you can drag and drop to rearrange items in a grid. If the grid is larger than the screen area I'd like the screen to scroll up or down when you move a draggable...
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