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  1. Difference between applyX, updateX, setX, and doSetX?

    where X is some variable in a class's config

    Can someone give me a rundown of what the difference between them is? As far as I can tell from docs, applyX happens before setX when calling setX,...
  2. also not working in

    made sure I'm using the new one:

    ../../Sencha/Cmd/ ant build

    also, I thought that the version was most recent because it was what was on the Sencha Cmd download...
  3. Sencha Cmd incorrectly setting extjs version during ant build

    For extjs version 4.1.3, I'm trying to apply a patch to the extjs code using sencha ant build. This seems to work fine, except for that the version number gets set incorrectly.

    Before running ant...
  4. Re-compile your SASS

    It turns out that I needed to re-compile my sass to deal with new css changes in the ext theming in 4.1. Sorry about that. Though, I will echo someone who posted in this thread the issue with the...
  5. I mean, that's basically's the full...

    I mean, that's basically's the full app:

    onReadyFn = function () {
    Ext.create("Ext.application", {
    name: 'test',
    launch: function () {
  6. When clicked, datePicker associated with datefield xtype messes up entire page layout

    Ext Version: extjs 4.1.0 Final
    Browsers: Firefox and Chrome (probably the others as well)

    I'm not exactly sure what is happening, but no matter where I put a datefield, when I click its...
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    Google Closure Library

    Hey Daniel,
    We ended up overriding some of the Ext.Date methods so we could control all date manipulating ourselves. Also, ended up using google's closure library within many of those function...
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    This works perfectly...thanks Florian!
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    Datefield without DatePicker?

    I'd like to have a datefield without a corresponding datepicker. The reason is that we want the validation controls that go along with the datefield, but there's not enough screen real estate for...
  10. Good point - that works as well, and is certainly...

    Good point - that works as well, and is certainly easier than managing dependency ordering all up front. However, still means that we have a lot of hard coded dependencies throughout, and have to...
  11. Best practice for requiring many files from local file system

    We are loading our files from the local file system, which means that we're unable to use synchronous loading on demand (e.g. Ext.create will automatically fetch local file before creating). I've...
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    essentially...we're specifically looking to do...

    essentially...we're specifically looking to do our date arithmetic, formatting, etc. in UTC, but to be able to do that stuff in any specified time zone would be great. Sorry that I didn't see the...
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    Ext.Date UTC Support?

    We (and I think many others) prefer to do date calculations in UTC, and then display a localized version of the date when we want to format/display it to the screen (if desired...we generally just...
  14. [FIXED] Instance variables become static if not explicitly set

    Instance variables (those in config) that are not passed into the constructor, or set explicitly, become static if attempting to update those variables without the setter. This problem only really...
  15. [CLOSED] What about this.items?

    I have a view with an items property: items: [ {panel..}, {panel...}]. It looks like (and is consistent with your message) pushing to that list of items will change the items arr for all instances...
  16. [INFOREQ] Resizable Accordion Window Has Disappearing Expand/Collapse Tools

    Forgot to mention in title. This issue is in version 4.0.6:

    We have a resizable accordion window that upon horizontally resizing, doesn't redraw all of the expand/collapse tools according to the...
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    I had these same issues, but instead of mucking...

    I had these same issues, but instead of mucking about with the --pre option (which still didn't work for me), I just installed compass and sass with the versions that the ext theming guide says to...
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    For those interested, dj's suggestion of using...

    For those interested, dj's suggestion of using the Application component to manage global events worked well for me.

    When I want to fire something (in this case from controller):
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