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  1. How to escape special characters while loading the tree data in the tree panel


    I'm unable to load the data wen it has the special characters..I want to escape the special characters..
    For example if it has <bi> as data i have to get the output as <bi> only..
    Here i...
  2. Unable to load tree data wen it has special characters


    I'm facing an issue regarding tree data.wen we have data like <b>, the data is not loading in the tree panel..
    How to load the data wen special characters are there.Here i'm loading the data...
  3. Extjs4 Tree Rendering performance is poor in IE


    Is there any way to improve the rendering performance of Extjs4 tree in IE ,,my tree data is huge and some times browser getting stuck.
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    Extjs4 tree panel is loading slowly in IE7


    Am loading a tree panel with bulk amount of node with lot of child nodes , it had run perfectly in Extjs3.x version with IE and FireFox.

    Now Using Extjs4 getting the following message, ...
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    693 isNode is noll or not an Object


    Have tried using the TreeStore to load the data to the Ext.tree.Panel.

    While page loading the page am getting ' record.isNode is noll or not an Object' from NodeInterface , after...
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    Ext.tree.panel is not loading

    I have a requirement where need to generate a tree from the server response.
    Server response comes as JSONArray(Spring JSONArray) which contains root and child nodes.
    Earlier have used...
  7. In ext-4.1-pr1 why do we have 2 version of ext-all.js


    Have downloaded ext-4.1-pr1 , there I could see 2 version of ext-all.js, one is in root folder and other one in docs/extjs folder.

    What is difference between these 2 files and which one do...
  8. Grid column freezing or locking at right side

    I want a code related to freeze a column in grid at rightside.
    but whenever i'm applying locked:true the column is coming left side but i want that column to be placed at rightside.
    So,can u...
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