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    This CSS helps me .x-panel .x-grid-body { ...

    This CSS helps me

    .x-panel .x-grid-body
    border-width: 0
  2. [FIXED] I...
    I extended the default treestore and wrote setStore() method like below. Do not pretend that this is the best solution, but it works for ExtJS 4.1.1...
  3. I have found one solution. Not the best but it...

    I have found one solution. Not the best but it works for me.

    I add new field with mapping configuration dynamically to store model when combo is init as component.

    Details you can find here:...
  4. How to make combobox work with nested field names?

    Hi all!

    I have one problem with nested JSON data and combobox in ExtJS 4.1

    When I set "displayField" to the field name like "" I get empty list of combobox.

    Ext.define("Model", {
  5. Can't override Ext.form.Labelable.getLabelCellAttrs

    Before, field label style is valign="top"

    <td id="filefield-1082-labelCell" style="" valign="top" halign="right" width="245" class="x-field-label-cell">
    <label id="filefield-1082-labelEl"...
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