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    Thanks for you help

    Thanks for looking into this.
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    Sencha Touch 2.3.0 and Blackberry Playbook

    I tried running the Kitchensink demo on the Blackberry Playbook. I only tested the user interface and form panel demo and it does not work.

    The layout is appears to be failing. The Toolbars don't...
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    Thanks for the response

    Thanks for the response. The path was null in the app.json file - corrected that but the problem still persists.

    I am just going to do a brute force method and create a new app and copy the files...
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    NullPointer Exception


    When I try the suggested method - I get a "NullPointerException" - anyone successful in doing this.
    I am using Cmd 4.0 & ST 2.30

    Thanks in advance
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    Sencha Cmd path on mac

    I noticed in my profile file on a Mac the following command exists
    export SENCHA_CMD_3_0_0="/Users/jrs/bin/Sencha/Cmd/"

    Is this required - I was manually editing this file as...
  6. There is a work around for this problem

    There is work around for this problem listed on the top of the forum - Here is the link

    Good luck
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    Try putting the Titlte as the first entry in items

    Try putting the title as the first entry in the items array. As in this example.!/api/Ext.navigation.View

    Hope this helps
    Good luck
  8. Any updates on release date?

    Any updates on possible general release date on the videos?
  9. I tried but no luck

    Thanks Diego,

    I tried compiling in all the various subdirectories with compass. But no luck. Since most people appear to be able to implement the fix - It must be something I am doing or something...
  10. Thanks for the response Jerome, I am not sure...

    Thanks for the response Jerome,
    I am not sure what you mean by rebuilding the App. I have not packaged the app - it's just being run from the browser.
    I have reinstalled Chrome - so I am pretty...
  11. The file is in Sencha downloaded code

    The file is located in the sencha downloaded code. Follow the path to the file.
  12. Can someone provide detailed steps? I am still stuck using Safari

    I followed the directions and edited the file and recompiled using compass. However, if I try the kitchensink example file - the problem still appears. Do I need to copy the compiled CSS file to...
  13. Fix not working for me

    Also just wanted to add - this problem looks very similar to the behaviour I found on the Blackberry Playbook.
  14. Thanks - it didn't work for me

    I made the changes to the _Class.scss and recompiled and tested the kitchen sink program with no changes.

    Perhaps I am not compiling and replacing the new app.css correctly.

    As for now I am...
  15. Thanks


    Thanks for confirming the problem. I was wondering about my system. But atleast we have 2 cases confirming the problem.

    Hopefully, someone at Sencha will be able to verify and come with...
  16. Kitchensink with 2.1.1 works correctly

    I just tested Kitchen Sink 2.1.1 - User Interface - Forms
    This displays the form correctly. ST 2.2.1 - the form does not display . So There is something definitely off with Chrome and ST 2.2.1.
  17. Thank you for your answer

    I tried clearing the cache and reinstalled Chrome - still the same behaviour. Not sure what to try next or how to figure out what might have changed in the system. The fact that it works in your...
  18. ST 2.2.1 and Google Chrome on Mac OS X 10.8.4 (12E55) formfields not being displayed

    Can anyone confirm if they are experiencing any problems with running ST 2.2.1, Google Chrome on Mac OSX 10.8.4.

    My application displaying login form stopped displaying form fields. When I tried...
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    In my opinion most posters end up solving their problems

    I hadn't seen the other discussion. I will check it out. It just appears to me as if the problems are solved by the posters themselves rather than help from other forum members.

    So if everyone...
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    Check in the console

    The debugger statement will break the code execution. Then in the console - type in tempObj and it will list all the properties and methods of the object.

    There is a video on youtube (3 videos)...
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    Posting solutions to threads

    Can I make a simple request. If you start a thread asking a question, if you find the solution - could you update the thread with the solution. It would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance
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    Check the returned object

    Try adding this
    var tempObj = this.getMyAddressBookList();

    See if the tempObj is the list object - I suspect it is not that is why you don't have access to the setStore method....
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    Try putting break to see if the list is being selected

    I would suggest putting a debugger statement - after setStore command. I am not sure if the list is being selected.

    Ext.define('EventOrganiser.controller.MyAddressBook', { extend:...
  24. Thank you

  25. Senchacon 2013 Video availability for general public

    Are the Senchacon videos available to the public yet? I am interested in the fastbook presentation.
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