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  1. I made my own field, as this is in the field, not in a model setting, which is weird.

  2. You guys need something in order to test this? I see no bug number and the problem is still happening.

    at Ext.define.finish (RowSynchronizer.js?_dc=1435590268603:35)
  3. As soon as you drag the bottom portlet, it makes it 100% width
  4. To not be completely negative. This is the solution I used for some textfields i wanted to publish even invalid model values.

  5. Where is this documented that the behavior for this changed in 5 compared to 4? Might not get questions like this...
  6. Why did this take 2 months to become a bug?????

    This would be like a renderer not changing when a model value changes. You should not need to call another method of model to get your desired...

    just look at the output below the grid.

    Essentially, if you do vm.get('someStore'), it is null/undefined only while the store is loading. doesnt make for...

    Just click the button "Make Enabled", and nothing happens. You can see that the isDisabled function doesnt run again.

    Thanks for the bug # ahead of time.
  9. Hi Gary,

    Yea, so there are 2 columns, our use case is that lets say the model has two fields

    FieldA and FieldB

    If i go into the column for FieldA, upon exiting that editor, FieldB's value...
  10. Simple example, click in first column, in the 'edit' event, I set another model field.

    The second column is the field that I am setting to TEST TEXT.

    You can see when you tab into that field,...
  11. This doesnt happen everytime, but i get it to happen by scrolling down to around record 25~, and then adjusting the width of the second column, which is "name".

    Make it a bit bigger to remove some...
  12. Same issue here. If you look at the raw data, it has the updated values.

    I have the start to a fiddle but im not able to reproduce.

    Do you have this grid or viewmodel nested inside another...
  13. Fair enough. Where is the code that actually loads the records to the data property of the store?

    My records are showing the new value in RAW, but the old value in DATA.

    i have to reload a...
  14. That would require them to have some testing framework.

    Evant, I am not sure that sending someone a link on how to report a bug is even constructive. It's funny how the only people not helping are...

    Just click on the button in the toolbar, you can see in the console before and after the load, the viewmodel store has different data, but the grid doesnt...
  16. The least he should get is a "Thank You" for doing your job.
  17. For anybody else, including sencha, the fix is below:

    publishValue: function () {
    var me = this;

    if (me.rendered /*&& !me.getErrors().length*/) {
  18. Ok i understand this, but this is not a feature request. Having a BLANK value is different than an invalid value.

    For Example....

    If a user selects an item in a combo box, then deletes it,...
  19. Where does it say that in the docs?

    I didnt see where it said it would use another rows value... If that is intended behavior, I apologize, but a user shouldnt have to prepopulate all record...

    When you click "Add New Record", I am not giving the new record the property "progress", you will see that the progress widget is using the next rows value...
  21. If a proxy has batchAction:false, like the REST proxy, this below code doesnt take that into consideration..

    getBatch: function (sort) { var map =, batch = this.batch,...
  22. getTip : Function
    A function which returns the tooltip string for any row.

    v : ObjectThe value of the column's configured field (if any).

    metadata : ObjectAn object in which you...
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    Ive tried every which way and I cant get this to work.

    Im trying to have a store open up in a window, it is actually an associated store, but lets start...
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    my stores are associated stores from the parent viewmodel,
    when i use links, it triggers a load on each store, even though their data is already available.

    Wasn't this already fixed?
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    Isnt this the point of session.

    Take a record in View A, open View B, and edit that record.

    If you like the changes,, and the changes would now show in View A
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