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  1. Yes the Classic toolkit is for targeting Desktop and Tablet devices, while the Modern is for Mobile devices. In it's current form you can think of it as Classic === Ext JS 5 and Modern === Sencha...
  2. Hi all!
    I'm excited to announce the official launch of my new eBook - Ext JS 6: Getting Started. The eBook is a practical guide to understanding all of the new concepts introduced with Ext JS 6 and...
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    If you start the 'watch' command with the desired toolkit name it should live update the changes to that toolkit. For example:

    sencha app watch modern

    I wrote an article on the subject that...
  4. Please repost the code inside CODE tags with reasonable formatting so it can be read. Thanks!
  5. It would be great to see some code to try and spot what might be going wrong. Even better a Sencha Fiddle.

    Off the top of my head I would try to make sure image component being updated on the...
  6. It is just an icon font set in an after-pseudo element. Depending on where you are seeing it you could just add a new rule to hide it. For example,

  7. I have also had problems with the bootstrap files not being regenerated correctly and so the loader not finding the right files.

    I also had issues with Chrome heavily caching things and it not...
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    Cool, glad you got to the bottom of it. Post back if you still have problems after generating with Ext JS 6!
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    Apologies for the silly question, but is that definitely an Ext JS 6 app?

    Are you seeing any .SCSS files in your Network tab?
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    Will that SASS not just set the $base-color to #00FF00 after the last iteration and use that throughout the app?Is the change being recognised by the app? If you check the Network tab of dev tools...
  11. I don't think the actual folder names can be changed (seems to error when I tried) but as bdvr says changing the keys in the "builds" object will give you different outputs in the build folder.
  12. Try removing the "theme": "theme-neptune" line from the top level of the app.json file. I think this is a bug that's been mentioned elsewhere when refreshing and building apps.
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    Are you viewing the app through the web server created by Sencha Cmd (i.e. after running the 'sencha app watch' command)?

    Other than that it should be as simple as adding those params and...
  14. Hi,

    You're very welcome, I'm glad you find it interesting.

    I'd love to hear your feedback - drop me an email if you have any comments!

  15. Thanks Don.I just created another new project and changed the app name to "Todo" from "ToDo" and things seem be working as expected now. Could there be an issue with case-sensitivity?
  16. Hey,

    I've just started playing with Ext 6 and am hitting a bit of a brick wall on one of the first hurdles. I think it must be something obvious but I'm not able to figure it out.

    I have...
  17. Hi all,

    I just wanted to let you know about a new free email course - Best Practices for Improving your Sencha Apps - that I have just released.

    The course delivers 7 daily lessons on how to...
  18. Thanks for the response. Yes, if you could create a feature request for me that would be great.ThanksStuart
  19. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with excluding image folder (e.g. datepicker, editor, tree etc) from the build outputs of an Ext JS application.

    Basically our application...
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    You could just include all your validation logic in the controller in one big method, or split across a number of them. You would probably be able to use the validator logic that Models use.
  21. Hi Evan,

    Thanks for the insight and quick response. I'll work around it for just now until the 5.1 update is released.

  22. Hi,

    I've come across an issue with filtering an associated store which results in a "Maximum call stack exceeded" error.

    You can reproduce the error by opening the "Loading Nested Data Example"...
  23. I'm also hitting this bug. Is there a patch/override we can apply while we wait for 5.1 to be released? Is there any news on when 5.1 might be released (even a Q4 2014 or Q1 2015 would be good)?
  24. Hi,

    I have a package which includes various models and one override to the class. My package structure is as follows:

    - MyPackage
    - overrides
    - data
  25. I think you have to explicitly include a separate plugin for console.logs to show up in XCode. Try this one -, it...
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