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    Thanks for the reply. The diff guide was what I was looking for. Unfortunately the API changes are so massive that it is still difficult to determine what in our programs need to be changed until we...
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    I just found out that the setFields method has been dropped in version 5. Apparently it has been replaced by addFields and replaceFields. I notices several other other api changes...
  3. I found the problem. Assigning a controller variable to a view makes the system think the controller value is a viewController even though it is an appController. Since the appController does not...
  4. I am starting to convert my Ext 4.2 programs to 5.1. When trying to display a panel, I get an error because the view value is undefined in

    var name =,...
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    I don't know if this is still a problem. I changed my program so I did not have to do a reconfigure and it worked correctly.
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    I am having a problem with grid filtering. My application dynamically creates an array of columns and then does a grid reconfigure to set the columns in the grid. The following code works correctly...
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    +1 to a TypeScript definition file
  8. I have moved on to ExtJs, Cmd and the Neptune theme. Everything is now working correctly.
  9. Nevermind. I was looking at the orignal ext/bootstrap.js when I should have been looking at scripts/bootstrap.js.
  10. I am having the same problem with a difference between development and production. When I run 'sencha app refresh' after changing app.theme=ext-theme-classic to app.theme=ext-theme-neptune in the...
  11. Thank you for your quick reply. Your solution produces the desired result.

    Does this mean there is no way to create a component, put it in the toolbox and drag it to the appropriate place on...
  12. I am happy that it is not really duplicating the component but I am still not sure why it has multiple entries in the requires section for the same component and why it is using a different xtype...
  13. I am having a problem with using a custom component in Architect.

    I have created this simple extension to the text field
  14. By reverting to ExtJS version 4.1.1a, it seems to work. Does 'sencha app build' not work with the latest ExtJS version? If so, what are the plans to fix this?
  15. Using Cmd v3.0.0.250, I get the following error when running 'sencha app build':

    [INF] Build complete
    [INF] Building theme
    [INF] Capturing theme image
    [ERR] ...
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    Did you ever get the twin trigger field to work in EXT 4?
  17. Thanks.
  18. Eric,

    It looks like the code you posted to this thread has been truncated. Could you please post the code again. I have the same problem and need to control the grid scrolling. Thanks.
  19. See this link for another method.
  20. I also need a solution to this problem. What is the style attribute to change the background color of a TextField?
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