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    it's almost a year...
  2. I'm trying to use this with ExtJS 4.2 but I cannot succeed.

    My store if configured with:

    groupers: ['field1', 'field2'],
  3. I'm working with 3.3, my application use LoadMask the classic way:

    var myMask = new Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody(), {msg:"Please wait..."});;
    // do stuffs
  4. This, and also what the documentations tells (the server must wrap the data object with a call to a callback function...), is totally pointless. How can you assume I've the control on the server?!?!...
  5. @carol.ext and @alg: yes, the problem was the missing CSS

    thanks all
  6. Nobody?
  7. I'm working with rel. 3.1.1 and the FileUploadField extension, the layout problems I'm experiencing are visible in the picture I'm attaching.

    The code I'm using is:

    var uploadField = new...
  8. You could simply use PascalCase...
  9. Here my code, I removed the not essential stuff. The component is added to a standard Panel with 'column' layout, then that Panel is put in TabPanel. I'm using Ext 3.0.

    Thanks in advance for the...
  10. I'm trying to subclass Ext.form.TriggerField.

    onRender method gets called, onAdded no. Any ideas?

  11. wonderful, thank you very much. I really appreciate your help

  12. thanks, can you give me just an idea of how can I made the store/reader catch data from my new script instead of directly call my server?

    thanks again
  13. I'm using a JsonStore and, therefore, a JsonReader.

    My server is not able to provide the total record count with the response that contains data. It can only provide such info with a second...
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    HI All,

    how can I manage in order to be able to create a LayoutDialog in a page that is divided in many frames?

    I mean: can I define the scripts and the div tags in one of the frames and have...
  15. YES!! It works. Thank you so much for the reply and for the quickness!!
  16. HI all, I'm in troubles with UpdateManager and his setRenderer() method. I want to implement a custom renderer, It's two days I'm studying documentation and samples but I can't get rid of this. I...
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