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  1. The links on the bottom of this page:

    Sencha Cmd Packages
    Creating Sencha Cmd...
  2. I was able to work around this by setting remoteFilter and autoLoad to false in my store config then calling load() manually in my Application launch with a beforeload handler to set removeListener...
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    Still no "User Extensions and Plugins" nor "Examples and Showcases" forums for Ext JS 5.x forums so I'm positing this in Q&A.

    Here is the data proxy I use when working with CodeIgniter 2.2:
  4. Hello,

    The 5.x forums don't seem to have an "Examples and Showcases" forum so I thought Q&A would be the best place to post this.

    But in the spirit of Q&A....

    Q: Did I just release an...
  5. just a follow-up to this: I found a tip in another thread that enabled me to do what I wanted, which was to bypass the microloader and manifest entirely in production.

    The html my application...
  6. In my case, the directory containing the app.js and .css files will be in a folder relative to the installation directory. This might be the root of the domain, or it might be in a directory under...
  7. Thanks for the reply.

    In my case, I want a build that can be moved around after it is built, so hard coding deployment paths into the app.json for CMD won't work for me.

    Since the app.json...
  8. I was able to resolve the issue I mentioned in my last post by making a slight adjustment in the microloader.js, specifically in the Microloader's load method. I already had a javascript variable...
  9. Another issue I see is that the locations for the application's app.jss and css file are in the app.json and there doesn't seem to be any way to add variables to this file to account for path...
  10. The issue for me with the extra info in the app.json was the local path information, especially on a linux system where people commonly work in /home/username. It's probably not a huge security flaw...
  11. I tried the suggestion in the thread recommended above by MRMV and it worked for the issue of the Javascript in the production index.html.

    I added the following to the app.json in my application...
  12. I was able to deploy a test version of the app by changing the path to the app.json manifest at the beginning of the html.

    Then I ran the app.json through an online beautifier so I could update...
  13. I recently upgraded to ExtJS 5.0.1 from 5.0.0 and I am seeing a lot of javascript in my index.html in my build/production/ directory after I run a sencha app build. It looks like this:

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    I'd like an updated beta too. I'd also like a 5.3 final ;)

    But I kind of have to side with Sencha on this. It's a beta product and really nobody should be using it for production projects,...
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    So far I've had several issues with View Controllers, and I've mostly just gone back to doing it the ExtJS 4.2 MVC way for now.

    Some of my issues:
    - I like to pop open windows for adding/editing...
  16. I am trying to make a qtip appear on a grid column, depending on the value in the column. The following code works in Firefox, Opera and in Internet Explorer, but in Chrome no qtip appears when I...
  17. Thanks for the reply. I did try 2.0 but I had to make it from source. Perhaps I'll have better luck if try RVM.
  18. How do I define listeners in the view where the ViewController is being referenced? The examples I've seen show listeners defined on components contained in the view, but I haven't seen any examples...
  19. I have a few questions about using ViewControllers.

    With the old MVC model, I would use a controller's properties to reference all the models, stores and views I would be using in that...
  20. When I try a sencha app build, I get the following error:

    In the Introduction to Sencha Cmd section of the guide it says to install ruby on Ubuntu by using sudo apt-get install ruby2.0.0

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    It looks like destroy() has been replaced with erase() in but the intro documentation still refers to destroy():
  22. I am having the same issue. The issue occurs when I run sencha ant ass. As greatranil mentioned, deleting the AppName-all.css from build/production/AppName/resources/ corrects the issue.

  23. I love ExtJS MVC. I think it is awesome.

    Before MVC, we had to create a do-it-yourself system for structuring large applications, cobbled together from suggestions in various posts on blogs and...
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    Hey, any more news on this? Is there video of your presentation or demonstration code available somewhere?
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    Great! I'm not at SenchaCon, but I look forward to hearing about it.

    I hope you will address backwards compatibility with non HTML5 browsers and inconsistencies between the history implementations...
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