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  1. i solve my issue. I find this code in the source

    handleEvent: function(e) { var me = this, key = e.type == 'keydown' && e.getKey(), tagName =...
  2. i see. I have many forms in my applications and i only have issues with those inside my dataview. I do not use any keynav or listens any key events and my textfields don't have any constraints apply...
  3. i can't figure out why i can't add spaces in a textfield located inside a dataview.

    i have a daatview that lists all the items of a store. All the items are initially described in short way with...
  4. hi,

    sorry for the delay.

    i just create a new instance of my model and save it. everything works fine except that the structure of my model are not send in the payload section formatted in json....
  5. hi,
    i can't figure out why no json data are send in the request body (payload section) when i save my model like it does with an update. Is it the correct behavior or did i miss something ? thanks...
  6. i thought first that it was a bug on my side but it's worst. Can we expect a correction soon?
  7. thanks for your answer AMsdt6585. I will keep this in mind in case my solution failed but up to now it works pretty well.

    i look through my application controllers list. For each controller, i...
  8. i finally only set render event via the control method. I don't forget to set the parameter single to true to make it only fires once and auto-unregisters itself. Inside it, i declare the other bunch...
  9. i have the same problem. Have you find a solution ? I tried clearListeners too without success.

    Thanks for your help, i am stuck.
  10. ok, you are right, sorry for the post. I should have make this simple test myself. Thanks for the example. It still don't work in my case...i will find it
  11. here is my model declaration:

    Ext.define('QeApp.model.Version', { extend: '',

    fields: [
    { name:'id', type:'int' },
    { name:'type', type:'string' },...
  12. Hi,

    i can't find the right way to do it.

    i have a model 'application' with an associated model 'version' with an hasMany relationship

    How should i set the proxy of my version model to build...
  13. Hi,

    i use extjs 4.1 commercial

    i noticed something weird with boolean field.
    the field is set as modified when its value is set with a string and not a boolean value. quite unexpected.

  14. it's linked to the event i attached the handler to. Failed with until afterrender event. Succeed with the activate event.
    I guess it's a newbie mistake but i don't understand why. A messagebox is...
  15. Hi,
    i run into something really weird.

    I want to launch a prompt messageBox from my controller.

    i is correctly displayed when i create it from my controller init method. but it shows as kind...
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    is it the way to use it.

    In my custom component, the inner structure is defined with renderTpl and populates with renderData.

    '<div id="inner">',
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    thanks but it does not help me that much. I'm currently looking at some Ext component source code to get the concept and come to the point that renderTpl is the solution for custom component. ...
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    I'm confused about the role of the tpl and renderTpl attributes. They can't be use together so i guess they do similar things.
    For what i know

    tpl works with data and renderTpl. we can...
  19. Good news!
  20. i have got the same errors with 4.1 RC1 on windows XP. The process never ends.
    It's a major problem and for what i know it 's the same problem for macos and window users. So it's currently a dead...
  21. I find the error. A semicolon to the last item of my class or list. I am relieved.
    Thanks for paying attention to my issue.
  22. Hi,

    i tried a basic example on IE6 and nothing is displayed neither no errors triggered. The page is correctly displayed in others browsers.

    Is there anything to set to make it work with IE?
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    when i compile my sass file, severals warning appeared specifying that many images files can't be find. Among them:
    + ...
  24. Sorry for the delay.

    it still not finish even with the manifest. it freezes.
  25. i add a manifest file under the resources folder named manifest.js and references it through the options -m . It removed some errors but not all.

    -- error messages --

    TypeError: 'undefined' is...
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