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  1. Yes, I am waiting for a Standard Support confirmation from Sencha. Then, will provide a URL to an example of what we're trying to fix: getting a total label over a stacked bar.
  2. This and

  3. I want a pie chart with a legend, but no labels on the pie chart.

    Trying to modify this:!/example/charts/Pie.html

    To do the following:

    1. The data is an...
  4. This turned out to be the culprit:

    axis: 'bottom',

    once changed to

    axis: 'left'

    and, whatever is different about the data source.
  5. I really appreciate the reply, but I have to use *Data*, not call the server myself via a proxy url. :-(

    I'm not at all familiar with the proxy/reader stuff, so I will take a look at how to merge...
  6. The numbers I'm giving a graph simply aren't what's being graphed.

    Perhaps some side-effect of how I'm configuring the graph?

    Here's two snapshots showing the tooltips with the right...
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    Good question. The version isn't in the .js headers.

    How can I tell?

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    Why am I getting "undefined" for my pie chart legend items, although I'm as close as I can be to the pie chart example in the documentation. (My only diference is an explicit theme and my data...
  9. I'm rendering a graph on a tab, which may or may not be visible at render time.

    Problem: when the tab is NOT visible there are no drawing instructions under the <svg> element in the DOM (aka, no...
  10. If my Cateogry axis is a number, the data will not graph. But, if I change the Category axis value to something that would not pass a NaN javascript test, the data will graph. Can't find anything...
  11. I never got any answer to this, what should seem to be both intuitive and simple.

    - Dynamically hide/show the labels on a chart.

    if I put a button in a tbar on a window, and have a chart inside...
  12. Browsed over the Sencha code some...what's the reasoning for it to hang on to a 'dirty size' and restore the window out of my control?
  13. *bump*?

    This appears to have something to do with the Ext.Window's layout. The window's size is the (maximized) size I set it to, but something in the layout is retaining the original size and...
  14. The resize event of the Ext.Window fires one last time, passing in the restored width/height. So, I'm guessing something internal to the Ext JS 4 framework sets the maximized window back to a...
  15. I need a *maximized* window to resize programmatically (as the size of stuff around it resizes) - while remaining maximized.

    While I'm resizing, the window is changing size as it should be via...
  16. The label for a stacked column chart is not placing the label over each column. Rather, it is placing it over the lowest section of each column.

    Why doesn't the label position over the entire...
  17. hello?
  18. The chart redraw I can do.

    But, how to add / remove labels on-the-fly as the window the chart is in is maximized / restored using a handle to the window in the maximize/restore events? i.e. some...
  19. How?
  20. I've tried the series.drawSeries() but got a method not defined.

    I'm attempting this in the 'maximize' event and tried various things using the documentation and the debugger. No luck thus far. ...
  21. On maximize, the labels in a bar chart need to be shown. Then, when restored to original size they need to be hidden.

    Label is listed under configs for a series, but I have not found a...
  22. Per this, the renderer has only one argument, the value:

    renderer : FunctionOptional function for formatting the label into a displayable value. Default value: function(v) { return v; }

  23. Also, regarding the "I am only getting one argument" in the label renderer. The label callback doesn't give the callback function enough information for me to tell what to render for the label.
  24. > The labels and legend should be independent of one and another.
    If my labels aren't printed, then my legend items are all 'undefined'. I don't see enough in the doc to know where to start...
  25. I'm getting one argument. Is this the wrong way to use renderer?

    label: {
    field: 'BusinessUnitName',
    display: 'rotate',
    contrast: true,
    font: '14px Calibri',
    renderer: function (storeItem,...
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