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  1. hi all, in a editable grid, can I selected multiple rows, and press a button named 'Modify' in the tbar, and then ,I can modify the selected rows?tks.
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    Hi, I want to use pagnation and typeAhead in the combox, but there is a problem about that:
    if I want to pagnation,the mode of the combox must be "remote" , but I can't use typeAhead.
    if I want to...
  3. OK ,I will try again,thanks.
  4. good job
  5. good ,thanks for your reply, that is what I want , but the id and the index are different in the grid,How do I distinguish them?
  6. that's very good, but how can I disable the rowselect?
  7. there is a problem, I have added a multiple-checkbox in the 1st column in the editgrid,when the grid is show ,I want to select some row.for examble:
    I have ten rows, I want to selected 1,3,5,7,9...
  8. does anybody use idea?
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