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  1. It would be helpful, if we see your projects module xml file.
    Did you google search? Among first hits is something like this:...
  2. This is not ExtJS section of forum, but GXT aka Ext GWT.
  3. To make it easier for others to help you
    - you should provide some more info (GWT version, GXT version, mode, Browser, etc.)
    - you should make your code easily readable using [ CODE ][ /CODE ]...
  4. Why does this ticket have this state?

    Why does it say "closed"?
  5. Please state GWT version, GXT version, Browser, Dev Mode/Prod Mode, etc.
  6. This is not Ext JS, but GXT section of forum.

    Is this problem solved? In which version? What has been done?
  8. Ah, I see. Remote filtering. Yes, that is a headache.
  9. As far as I remember, for comparison only the date part, not the time, is considered. So, setting the time to 12pm is kind of an ugly hack to get around timezone issue. I think it doesn't matter much...
  10. Hi Mitch,

    back in March 2015 I wrote you a message about a vulnerability of this forum. You never replied. I wrote 2 more messages in early April. No reaction either.

    I just checked and this...
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  12. You've got to pimp the ValueProvider applied to ListFilter.
  13. 1.) This is GXT (aka Ext GWT) forum, not ExtJS.
    2.) To make code easy readable, please use [ code ] <your code> [ /code ] tags (without spaces).
    3.) What's your question?
  14. I guess the grid didn't run doLayout() on setHeight, since it wasn't displayed at that time. When it showed up, it may not have been informed properly.

    Ehhr, manipulating at Elements Style is...
  15. Take a look at
    Click the "Custom" button and inspect the tooltip: its content is a div inside a span. Thats invalid HTML.

    Same in...
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    Where are those sticky threads like "Bug report template", "GXT Announcements", etc. ?
  17. Hi,

    somehow the indentation of your code has been lost. It is kind of hard to read.
    @Forum moderator: what went wrong here?

    Please help me getting a clear picture of your problem.

  18. Seems to be related to
  19. I am confused. You mentioned getElement not getElementContainer in your first post.
    I assume the code above was already the fixed version?!
  20. Before even getting to your problem I have tons of questions:
    1.) Why GXT 3.0.1? There is a GPL-licensed GXT 3.1.0 available.
    2.) Which GWT version are you using?
    3.) Depending on GWT version you...
  21. Hi Pascal,
    welcome to the forum. If you write code here please put it in code tags [ code ] *yourCodeHere* [ /code ] (without spaces). That way it'll be much easier to read.

    To your problem:
  22. I think, if there is not enough space for the last label, the x-axis shall be of smaller width and therefore drawing area shall get reduced in width. That way there would be more space after last...
  23. Today I came across an even weirder behavior. If highest data point is at 33 then axis goes up to 35 (pic 1). I am fine with that. Then I removed the brownish lineseries. Highest value of blue...
  24. Be aware that by its default config Internet Explorer is configured to use Compatibility View for pages loaded from the intranet.
  25. I ran into this, too. Sencha refused to classify it as a bug ages ago:
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