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  1. Do I need to change the structure of my app, I mean to say creating my views in JS and make web service calls to process data ?
    Is there any other alternative for packaging ?
  2. Hi,

    My application build using Asp.Net MVC with Sencha Touch 2. I want to package my application for android device. I am using Sencha Touch SDK tools for windows for packaging into native...
  3. Hi, i am from Mumbai & would surely like to join the meetup.
  4. Hi Sencha Users,

    Is there any group in India then, keep me updated about the meetup ?
    If not, lets create a group and schedule a meetup in India.
    Please contact me.

    Thanks :)
  5. Hi All,

    I want to display data that i receive from a data store. One way that i have tried, is to take a text field make it disabled and then set its value with store data.
    But i don't think it...
  6. is there any link reference from where i can download the api and samples ?

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