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  1. I see this too. It looks much more noticeable with darker panel header colors. Is there any easy workaround with css?
  2. Hi,

    I'm using 4.0.2a with chrome 12.0.742 and ie 7 and can't seem to hide a collapsed panel with the hidden: true config option. Not only is it not hiding, but when you expand it, it looks half...
  3. Like I said it usually boils down to a design problem.

    Textboxes do not html decode (at least when set through javascript) while things like grids (built from html) display fine. Someone gave me...
  4. Well,

    It looks like part of it is my ignorance. JavaScript encoding is different than HTML encoding. The problem at the moment almost seems like a design one though.

    It more or less turns into...
  5. I'm beginning to think this is a javscript thing more than EXT. I'm suprised I'm the only one to encounter it :(
  6. Hmm sorry it wasnt just the length, I forgot to wrap the example in code tags!
  7. Oops. The formatting on the forums cleaned up my example :(.

    On the way down from the DB it turns into
    111#x20;EAST#x20;KILBORN where that #code is the hex html encoding of space. This is also...
  8. Hi,

    Recently I've been playing around with various HTML encoding of values on the server to avoid things like XSS attacks. Before we go the best route, which is probably checking and sanitizing...
  9. Hi,

    I just did an upgrade of our extjs app from 2.x -> 3.2 just to see how painful it would be.

    On a couple of our complex pages, to my suprise, there was little to no breakage and for the...
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