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  1. After an updade to ExtJS 3.4.0, I've encountered an strange bug in method find() on store object.

    Here's an overrides that fixes the problem

    if ( {...
  2. Hi Condor

    I've tested successfully the your first solution. Works perfect

  3. Hi,

    In Ext.ux.GridFilters, updateColumnHeading method does not work with Ext.ux.ColumnHeaderGroup.

    I've just made a simple fix for this situation. Hope it helps to illustrate

  4. Hi,

    I'm using Ext 3.0.1 on FF3.5, Spinner example is broken (complains about unexistent function this.adjustWidth)


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    Hi, why not posting it ? It's an useful addition...

    Very nice,

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    just tested it today, works perfect... The only problem is that the (toast|notification)window takes focus when displayed. To change that behavior, we can simply overrides Ext.Window.focus()...
  7. Hi,

    just encountered a small problem on ext2.0 and ext svn 1580 :

    feed a grid with a store having custom params, for example :

    // a basic store
    // a basic grid with PagingToolbar
  8. Thanks for the answer. But no luck... probably I was unable to make myself understandable ;)

    <div id="mytemplate" class="x-hidden">
    <input type="text" name="test" id="test"...
  9. Hi,

    just noticed a strange (incorrect) behaviour of templates on IE7 (works well in FF) tested with latest svn (build 1336). Look at the following code :

  10. Hi,

    When including a FormPanel as a south region of a panel/viewport, It doesn't display correctly.

    1/ First problem : incorrectly shown

    I've tried to fix it by playing with autoHeight,...
  11. When a grid row is selected the only way to deselect it is by CTRL-clicking the row. A single click does not work.

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