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    Grid summary row missing colgroup

    I just tried using the summary feature for a grid, wherein the store is dynamically populated using user inputs, when the summary value of a column is too long it doesn't get ellipsis like normal...
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    [CLOSED] In order for me to test it i had to change my...

    In order for me to test it i had to change my safari user agent to IE9, so if it won't work in compatibility mode how can i test the app because some users are using ie9 and they complain that it...
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    [CLOSED] attachEvent bug in IE9

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    IE9 and below
    IE9 is causing a failure in loading
    TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating...
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    [OPEN] This issue seems to exist in version 5.01 as well

    I too was having focus issues when tooltip was being shown, after reading this post i checked my application and found that for a form in the main page there was no problem of focus being lost when...
  5. [OPEN] Toolbars with overflow enabled and button groups

    var toolbar = Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Toolbar', {
    renderTo : document.body,
    width : 400,
    enableOverflow : true,
    items : [ {
    text : 'Example Button'
    }, {
  6. Thanks mbingham, shall give it a try

    Thanks mbingham,

    shall give it a try
  7. App containing multiple themes and custom rules

    Im trying to create an application that would contain multiple themes and also create custom rules to be used within my app.

    i used the sencha cmd tool and managed to create two packages based on...
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    LocalStorage record limit

    I have been trying to save records into the localstorage, i have multiple stores with localstorage proxy, the problem im having is that it's saving only 20 items the rest just dont get saved.

  9. ExtJS 4.2 Overridden the field.Base class to...

    ExtJS 4.2

    Overridden the field.Base class to add clear icon functionality


    Ext.override(Ext.form.field.Base, {
    showClear: false,

    afterRender: function () {
  10. i found a config property in the doc for...

    i found a config property in the doc for Ext.form.field.Text which states the following

    this had me totally confused thinking im not configuring the textfield properly, but having read this post...
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    Update for TreePanel

    Updated and tested for TreePanel
    Unable to change style on checkbox mouseover, event object target is always inner div

    The TreeStore fields must have 'tristate' included for it to work

  12. horizontal scroll problem for multiple grids in a container


    i have a layout container that contains 3 auto-height grids, my problem is when the client width of the browser cannot accommodate the entire width of the grid each grid gets its own ...
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