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  1. {
    xtype: 'button',

    tooltip:"<b>read-only</b>:Read-only users will have read only access to all pages<br>s ",
    padding: '2 6 2 7'...
  2. Can I add a question mark symbol next to my Rule text so that when the user clicks on it, they can see what it means.

    xtype: 'container',
    layout: 'hbox',
    items: [
  3. I have the following tbar items. I am trying to left-justify the text inside the buttons. But I am unable to do so. Any suggestions?

  4. Replies
    Can you please zip the whole folder structure you have.Including the extjs path.
  5. I have a screen shot of how it looks in IE and chrome.
    The one in chrome should be the correct one.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Here is the solution I just found in this forum that worked for the tool bar. But i.
    But the grid bar shows white color in IE . I dont have a fix for that

    Just found a workaround at least...
  7. I have the following sass code and when I compile it everything works fine in Firefox and chrome.
    The only problem I have is in IE where the toolbar color does to not change to the lighter color as...
  8. i wonder why it wont let me format my source code on this forum
  9. I am doing the following stuff when a form is submitted. But I get this error:
    Error decoding response: SyntaxError: syntax error
    Here is my onSubmit success function:

    onSubmit: function() { ...
  10. Thanks Jenifer
    Right now the date is displayed as April 1, 2012 11:157 am etc and so on.
    I am not sure how i would format it.
    Should i format it while sorting and then re format it while...
  11. I have a extjs grid which has an email field, that has emails beginning with upper case and lower case. This field does not sort as it should.Also, I have a date field of the format June 14, 2012...
  12. I am trying to modify someone else's extjs code and I am kinda new to the forum
    Basically when a username/password is validated the dashboard.js is called which is included in index.php. Now what I...
  13. I am quite new to extjs..and I installed ext js4 in my server. I get the following error. Not sure what it means:

    Ext.grid.ColumnModel is not a constructor

    here 's my link:...
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