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  1. Thanks for your answer.
    I understand these 2 solutions (but I didn't know these parameters).

    Issue can closed and marked as resolved.
  2. A record with a field type 'number' is wrongly parsed as a float if locale is changed (from dot to a comma). don't parse depending on locale.

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.1...
  3. I just tried to test this tools.
    Because Chrome extension is deprecated, we search another debug tool and this one seems a good alternative.
    But I need to test before buy it !

    Anyway we have a...
  4. Sencha Inspector requires a connection to the sencha account over internet.
    How to deal when the company is behind a proxy ?
    could we set host, port in a command line or settings file ?
  5. Here is a possible working workaround :

    * Deactivate parent in a submenu item
    Ext.define('', {
    override: '',
  6. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.3

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 41

    In a menu with submenu, once a submenu has been opened, the main menu stays activated and cannot open...
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    Can Sencha Architect3 be used fully offline ?
    We are behind a corporate proxy, and policies are very strict. Open access is not a solution.

    Is there a way to fully use SA in a such case ?
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    Sorry for 404 !
    The customer has chosen to shutdown servers for backups during night because of a very local audience.
    Night in Europe means day in US, isn't it...
    Try again another time ;)
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    We just successfully upgraded our viewer to ExtJs4.2 ;)

    Thanks to Sencha Cmd and last version of ExtJs we could improve performance and build processing.
    Started in 2010, project continues to...
  10. I create a new project using last versions and compare changes with my migrated project :
    * packages/my-theme/package.json is completely overwritten -> without 'extend' attribute, inheritance is...
  11. Hi,

    I cannot no more generate images with slicer.

    Command sencha app build generates the file build/project/production/theme-capture.json , but WITHOUTwidgets.

    "format": "2.0",
  12. My targets are in the build.xml in the root project, as usual.

    and sencha targets are imported using :

    <import file="${basedir}/.sencha/app/build-impl.xml"/>
  13. Hi,

    I updgraded from Cmd to Cmd
    But now, all my Ant targets failed.

    A case is "app refresh"

    <target name="refresh" description="Refresh app" depends="init">...
  14. After further investigation, it seems that in AbstractComponent.setPosition method, beforeSetPosition returns a wrong position.
    This rollback-workaround seems to fix this problem , but I cannot...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext Ext

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 28.0.1473.0 canary Chrome 26.0.1410.43 m

  16. After investigation, it seems the key is package.sass.namespace.

    To include both scss rules, set in your package/.sencha/package/sencha.cfg :


    and use...

    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested: Sencha Cmd System: Win7Framework used: Ext JS 4.1.1aDescription: I don't find how to include scss from sass/src into sass...
  18. As I didn't found this information before, I just share a sample to get a custom ext core.
    This target removes some unuseful classes and produces -dev and -debug version.

    Equivalent command line...
  19. I just tried with --trace flag.
    Sure, there are more infos, but stacktrace stays unchanged, and there is no additional information about filename.
  20. This was the last code section of my post (if I understand well that --debug is the verbose flag...).
    With the command sencha --debug app build, I got the full java stacktrace in Gson parsing error...
  21. I got same error.

    I try to isolate error by recreating a theme and adding step by step new items.

    I finally found that in sass/etc/all.scss, I set a global reset :

    html, body {
  22. Sencha Cmd version(s) tested: Sencha Cmd v3.1.0.256

    Operating System: Windows7

    Framework used:: ExtJs4.2.0.663

    Description: When a json config file is malformed (comma forgotten as...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:
    FF12 Chrome 18

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  24. Strange fix but it fixes all my troubles about layout resizing on toolbar and panel's body in chrome 18 too with 4.1RC2. :)

    Thanks !
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    After all, my trouble finally comes from another source :

    Cookies kept information of a previous width with ExtJs3. Because I stored positions in a Cookie with Ext.state.Manager!
    Clear cookies...
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