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  1. Try:


    Lower case on 'event'.
  2. I agree. Your method is better. I tried to use centerchanged but must have made an error which failed silently. The problem with all of this is understanding and controlling when things happen.
  3. OK, This works for me:

    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function (position) {
    var homePosition = new...
  4. As written, there is an error in the MapHome definition. There is an extra comma and closing brace. However, fixing this, I find that the map correctly centers on the current location but the...
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    Try this:

    myMap.update(location); where myMap is the object from Ext.Map()
  6. Check the url to your file in the store. The xml document is in the same directory as the script. Here is the complete example:

    //icon : 'acsoIcon.png',...
  7. An itemTpl for the list is required. Also, I would use fullscreen instead of floating. Finally, you do not need;

    var list = new Ext.List({
    fullscreen : true,...
  8. Here is one way to do it:

    //icon : 'acsoIcon.png',
    //tabletStartupScreen : 'tablet_startup.png',
    //phoneStartupScreen : 'acsoSplash.png',
    glossOnIcon : false,
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    The third demo (Combo) crashes my iPad (first generation) after playing around with a few of the examples--usually after tapping the button in the upper right hand corner.
  10. It appears to me that the 'store' object has a model attribute that does not match the id of the model that you have defined.

    In 'store' , change the model attribute to

  11. Try adding a listener to the map object that updates it when it is rendered (in addition to the update you already have).

    var map = new Ext.Map({
    title: 'Map',
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    The 'Hello World' example uses Ext.Application to wrap the content after 'launch'. The Getting Started GeoTweets example uses Ext.setup and an onReady event.

    What is the correct way? If I use...
  13. Yes. Windows. Just tried Safari mobile browser on iPod Touch device. This also works correctly.

    Thanks for the quick response.
  14. I find that in Safari 5.0.5 that when the last keyframe is reached, objects jump to the previous (next-to-last) keyframe position.

    This behavior does not happen with Chrome 12.0. That is, the...
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