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  1. hi all..

    i have check Column inside editorGridPanel.
    in this case, i have to disable the check column if combo status not selected.
    but if i select the combo status = 'backlog' then check column...
  2. anyone pleaseeee :(
  3. hi all.

    I'm facing an editorgridpanel problem & I haven't found any solutions for these few days :(

    Here it is :

    i have a tab panel that contained editorgridpanel inside it.

    And I have 2...
  4. Hi, all :)

    I have a problem with checkColumn.
    the default state is supposed to disable checkColumn.
    then after making selection in combobox with value 'backlog', this should enable...
  5. hi all..

    if i have editorgrid panel, within combobox, chechkbox, and texfield.
    then can i show that component without click the cell?
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    Hi All..

    i use a combobox that have to setValue.
    i already code like this,
    in the items of formpanel

    xtype: 'hidcombouser'
    ,fieldLabel : 'Reported by'
  7. it works great..
    thank you so much, Condor.
  8. hai all.

    i'm new in extjs.
    i want to ask something.

    i have a function like this

    function f_GetMPList(){
  9. Hi All..

    i have a button in a form panel.
    when i click the button, all paramater (all parameters is used to search data.) in the form is send to the controller.
    and return it as JSON.
    then JSON...
  10. i create 'dashboardtab = new newhid.ed.dashboard.dashboard_form_grid({headertab: tabheader});' because i want to send 'headertab' to the panel then the panel send it to the tab panel.

    i'm sorry...
  11. button call the ajax request to get the title header.
    so, the title header is dynamically load from database.

    the question is:
    1. how to put 'title' to the tab panel?
    2. when i don't click the...
  12. something's missing.

    here it is the tabpanel = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
    constructor: function (config) {
    config = config || {};
  13. i'm sorry Condor.

    Can you see my code.
    i have form like this:

    newhid.ed.dashboard.form = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
    constructor: function (config) {
    config = config ||...
  14. hi Marxan n Condor..

    I've been struggling to solve this for weeks but I haven't got clues for this.
    Here it is..
    I have a panel and there is formpanel, tabpanel, and gridpanel component inside...
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    Hi Saki...
    thanks for created cellaction plugin.

    is it possible to used your plugin without icon?
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    pizzzz ^^v
  17. var tabheader = new Array(); --> tab Header is get from database
    var colHeader = new Array(); --> column header is get from database

    this ajax request is to get the tab...
  18. Hi All.

    can i someone show me the example of get the header tab dynamically from database.?

    items: [{
  19. hi all..

    i have 4 combobox.
    that is site, fleet, prefix, and eqplan.
    value of site got from session.
    while fleet, prefix, and eqplan depends on site.

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    Hi All..

    i have a problem with this combobox.
    can someone explain to what happen with my code?

    this is my store

    newhid.core.id_event.actstore = Ext.extend(, {
  21. Condor..
    i still little bit confise.

    1. is valueOnload impact to idsite and fleet combo?
    2. i have remove mine and i change to your code again.
    but, still doesn't work.

  22. xtype: 'hidcombosite'
    ,fieldLabel: 'Site*'
    ,hiddenName: 'idsite'
    ,allowBlank: false
    ,width: 150
    ,mode: 'lokal'
    ,valueOnLoad: this.idsite
    ,value: this.idsite
  23. idsite : bhj
    site name : Batu Hijau

    valueOnload : to display sitename when load idsite
  24. Condor,, thanks for all your help.

    now, my combo work with another problem.

    xtype: 'hidcombosite'
  25. Condor,, i don't know what i'm missing again.
    but, it still doesn't work.

    and if i "console.log('site_id');" then the data display right.
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