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  1. Unfortunately it's not fixed in the final release, but your fix above still works, thanks :-)
  2. I posted the same issue yesterday:

    So the form I'm using is getting set from another (grid) view:

    this.siteDetails = Ext.create( 'widget.sitedetails' );
    this.siteDetails.load( {
  3. Hi,

    I have some dialogs with comboBoxes. These combo boxes are loaded from a datastore (defined as local, butting getting data from an ajax call). In previous releases when I load the dialog, the...
  4. I just checked in B3, and the same problem occurs, error with the 'getWin' call.
  5. Hi,

    The bodyPadding of a window still creates a padded area of the required number of pixels, however instead of being white as before, the color of the padding is now the color of the frame. See...
  6. I have noticed the same thing, a height must be set. It would be very handy if an 'autoHeight' config option existed, or if you could set the height to 'auto' to have it size correctly...
  7. Hi,

    When I use a combobox with typeahead enabled to get info from a remote store, it returns the list of matched records, however when no matching records are found, the info already typed is...
  8. Hi,

    When I change a record in a gridpanel store and refresh the panel (by calling store.filter()), the width of all the columns combined gets larger, so a scrollbar appears to allow scrolling left...
  9. Hi,

    I changed one of my textarea fields in a form into an htmleditor. When I then save the form content, I get an error:

    TypeError: Result of expression 'this.getWin()' [undefined] is not an...
  10. Hi,

    When I change the row-editing example to include a listener for the afteredit event, I get an error. Changed code to:

    var rowEditing = new Ext.grid.RowEditing( {
    listeners: {...
  11. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I used a GridPanel with drag and drop to rearrange items in the same list. This was working fine in Beta 1, and is broken in Beta 2. When you use the dnd_grid_to_grid example, and change the...
  13. I added a check in my select handler for this:

    listeners: {
    select: function( thisCombo, selection ) {
    if ( selection.length > 0 ) {
    // do your thing
  14. Hi,

    I have used a standard comboBox from the examples (forms/combos.js), and this remembers properly which item is currently selected and goes to that item. When I use the same comboBox but with...
  15. Replies
    So probably cleaner to do it like this:

    // Ensure the selected Models display as selected.
    if (me.value) {
    if ( typeof( me.value ) == 'number' ) {
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