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  1. I found this in your Advanced DataView example :)
  2. Oh, it was used in an ExtJS example. I was fooled by you guys :)
  3. After running


    the selected items in the grid are still visually selected since the class 'x-grid-row-selected' is not removed.

    I think it would...
  4. Hmm, but will the white space work?
  5. When will this bug be fixed.

    Could someone please give us some update.
  6. I'm having the same issue.

    Please fix this so that I can have a toolbar with textfield in a menu!
  7. In this code:

    name: 'MyApp,
    autoCreateViewport: true,
    stores: ['multimedia.Computer']
  8. Under "Adding custom properties"!/guide/views_intro
  9. Then why did the guide tells us to add a custom "flex" property?
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    How do I tell Architect to use the newly released ExtJS 4.1?
  11. They have a config for displaying important fields only. That should take care of the long list of available properties.

    It's a PITA having to remember to add fields!
  12. One of the Architect guides tells us to add the "flex" property manually in some panels.

    I wonder why we have to do that?

    Wouldn't it be better if all necessary properties were available and we...
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    Have you looked at

    It's another attempt to do the same thing.

    Here are the demos:

    Quite many framework examples.
  14. I am getting the error "me.lastComponentSize is undefined" in FireFox and "TypeError: Cannot convert 'me.lastComponentSize' to object" in Opera.

    It works great in Safari and Chrome.

    Will this...
  15. The Grouping feature should fire "groupexpand" event when a group is expanded, but no such event is fired.

    A bug?

    I'm using 4.1.
  16. I have a panel using a card layout. It has some items with "itemId".

    When I use panel.setActiveItem(itemId) I get the following message:

    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'isInnerItem' of...
  17. Yes I have the same issue.

    This wasn't fixed in the latest PR2 release I guess?
  18. I am a premium member. Where can I get the patch with the bug fixes?
  19. I have a carousel and want to dynamically add items to it.

    I get an error message doing that.

    Any clue?

    UPDATE 1:
  20. It just seems better to have it called one time, giving me both the old selection and the new selection.

    More user friendly. Maybe as a new feature.

  21. I am listening on the "selectionchange" event on a list.

    Whenever I tap on a new item, my "selectionchange" event handler is fired two times.

  22. It's definitely something wrong with segmentedbutton.

    Whenever I set an "itemId" on a button within it it stops working properly. You cannot click on the button with an "itemId" set.

    Clearly a...
  23. I don't have the button instance available. The buttons are in the views, I am trying to have a button pressed from the controller.

    I'm just reacting to that it works for "id" but not "itemId"....
  24. Right.

    The same issue remains though. I have to use an "id" on the button. It doesn't work on "itemId".
  25. In my app declaration file I have:

    stores: ["DepartmentStore"]

    I get this in the console:

    Synchronously loading ''; consider adding...
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