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  1. Hi!
    On ExtJS 3.3.0, the french locale file has a bug: startDay:1 is not specified. Here is the fix:

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.DateField.prototype, {
  2. this is in the doc:

    but the link points to nothing, it's a bit disturbing.
  3. At least I'm understood! :p
    thanks Ext Team
  4. Just try the code I give.

    Here is the logic:
    1° I create a DateField
    2° I prepare the "change" event and code the behaviour when the user will change the value (with the calendar or through the...
  5. Ok, i've found where the bug is...The "change" event does not trigger on IE7 and IE8 because of the French language file provided in source/locale/ext-lang-fr.js !

    Here is the full test case :

  6. I think you're missing something...maybe my explanation is quite bad... I'm not trying to trigger the "change" event with the "setValue"...
    I try to explain it better : when the user change the date...
  7. Any news on this bug ?
    This test case is showing the bug on IE7...
  8. Code not working in IE7

    <script type=text/javascript>
    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var pdatestart = new Ext.form.DateField({ format:'d-m-Y', renderTo:'datestart'});
  9. As said in, the "change" event does not trigger on the Ext.form.DateField, on IE7.

    It works FF3.
    Ext.form.TimeField "change" event works both on IE7...
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    same problem here on Ext 2.2.1 and IE 7.0.5730.13 :((

    edit : you can use the event "valid", it's quite similar and it works !
  11. Sorry for the duplicate post, it wasn't able to find it with the search tool...
    Thanks for this quick "fix" !
  12. Hi there,
    since I'm using ExtJs 2.2 my code
    grid.getSelectionModel().selectAll() and
    grid.getSelectionModel().selectRow(0, true); doesn't work anymore...
    If I revert ExtJs to 2.1 everything is...
  13. Hello,
    I tried to send params when creating a ScriptTagProxy or HttpProxy, just like I'm doing in a Ext.Ajax.request...I there something I missed ?

  14. I'm having the same problem here !
    This example is from the API Documentation, I changed width to 'auto' and added autoWidth:true. The result on IE 7 is a very long horizontal scrollbar, and...
  15. Here's my 2 cents for French formatting, you can include this in the locale file ext-lang-fr.js

    if (Ext.util.Format) {
    Ext.util.Format.frMoney = function(v){
    v =...
  16. any ideas on how to refresh an autoLoad with its params ?
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  18. Hello,
    this sample is working, but only with an URL without params, how to refresh this autoLoad :

    autoLoad: { url: 'foo.php', method:'GET', params: {action: 'bar'} }

    Ok i assume that i can...
  19. Ok thanks, this is now on the Wiki !
  20. Hi all,
    this is my first post and i'm quite new to ExtJS so be cool :D

    I'm trying to enable qtips on the title attribute, i tried to use the code from the wiki but it's not working for me
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