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  1. This is the best solution I've been able to come up with to mitigate this fact:

    Ext.Date.format(Ext.Date.add(date, Ext.Date.MINUTE, date.getTimezoneOffset()), formatString)

    ...Where date...
  2. I have Date objects that were set using a UTC time and I want to recover that time when formatting them using Ext.Date.format(). A very simple example demonstrates that Ext.Date.format() will print a...
  3. Just to be clear: The trouble is that your human-readable ComboBox values (displayField values) are simply unavailable until you load the store. When a record is loaded you obtain the...
  4. Most components have methods like "setValue" or "setWidth" that allow you to change their behavior or appearance after they are instantiated. You should consult the documentation to see if the...
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    This may or not be what bruno~ is looking for, but this question, to me, is always about what seems to be an egregious oversight in the design of DateField: the need to specify which "page" (month)...
  6. So that non-premium Ext users can get help with this topic, here's an example of adding a checkbox toggle to the 'itemclick' event of the TreePanel. That is, when the item text is clicked, the...
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    There used to be a legend, as I recall.

    I believe the pink boxes with stars refer to singletons, the blue boxes to classes, the brown boxes to namespaces, and the gears to 'components.'
  8. As an example, this brief extension should get you a right-aligned button:

    RightButton: Ext.extend(Ext.Button, {
    initComponent: function() {
    var config = {
  9. Great! I can see now that's absolutely correct. Thank you.
  10. When using Ext.define() to define an override, I get the expected result in at least one browser but a fatal error in others. Errors are read from either Firebug or the Chrome Developer console.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Is it safe to say I should only be using Ext.override() or calling the override method on a class when I've defined that class myself (i.e. not on ExtJS built-ins)?
  12. After reading the API documentation's help topics I found that extensions were covered under "Guides" > "Concepts" > "Components" but could not find any literature on overrides in ExtJS 4. I'm very...
  13. I have used functions to dynamically construct arrays of fields for a reader. Basically, I wrap a self-executing function in parentheses and assign it to the fields config of my Reader. Below is an...
  14. Just a couple suggestions until someone more knowledgeable shows up:

    - Try wrapping your code in CODE and /CODE tags with [BRACES]; it will be easier to read and preserve whitespace
    - Have you...
  15. I don't have experience doing this inside a QuickTip pop-up, but I believe you can achieve the desired result wherever HTML is allowed by simply writing event handling into an anchor.

    For example,...
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    Check out the "CSS Customized Slider" here:
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    Example columns definition where a renderer is used to display a pretty date/time format (array of Column instances for a ColumnModel):

    ranger3Columns = [
    {header: 'ID', dataIndex: 'id',...
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    If you're using the data in a ColumnModel (for a Grid), then it is very easy to do this with a renderer function, which is a config property of Column instances (and your ColumnModel accepts an array...
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    Try the GMapPanel extension to integrate Google Maps (API v3, even) with ExtJS:

    When you create a...
  20. If you are using the Ext.ux.GMapPanel or Ext.ux.GMapPanel3 extensions...

    Assuming that myMapPanel is your GMapPanel instance you can do the following things:

    var myMap =...
  21. If I understand correctly, I think you are interested in populating a DateField (Calendar picker) with only a few available dates. This is the problem of needing an "inverse" of the disabledDates...
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    You can't add listeners to the initComponent() method of an extension, because by the time the initComponent() method is called, event-handling behavior has already been determined. To add listeners...
  23. The Ext.form.DateField.getValue() method will return the current value of the DateField (DatePicker) instance. To call this method (and do something with the result) every time a selection is made,...
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    A Grouped Header Grid might be what you're looking for:

    Or a Pivot Grid, which is an extension(?) I believe; at any...
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    Here's a centered button that will close the window that contains it when clicked:

    new Ext.Button({
    scale: 'medium', text: 'Cancel',
    style: {margin: '0 auto'},
    handler: function()...
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