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  1. we can do this in different ways, please share the code you are trying
  2. How you are saving the data? Local store?
  3. thanks for the replay , i have fixed this
  4. How to set Select field selected value from local storage? the select field is already populated from a store and last selected value is in local storage, i need to retail it when i reopens the app.
  5. Hi,

    Can any one provide a working sample in MVC with ST2.0 for binding a selectfield from Json file or service


  6. thanks Brice,
    i got a better understanding now, i dont have access to the server side, i will try to find some other alternative solution.

  7. thanks again,
    i need to access json service using jsonp request (cross domain).
    Is it possible to implement such a call?
    Existing service is having json response without root element.
  8. Thanks gkatz,
    i changed app.json and its showing win8 style, if we open it in ie10 it will show win8 style by-default

    "css": [
    "path": "../../resources/css/wp.css",
  9. thanks bricemason,
    I have checked the thread in detail.
    is there any custom options possible to access data from this type of json service?
    Arun Sathyan
  10. Thnaks Mitchell,
    is there any other option to read this and bind to store? i need to access this json from a native app.
  11. hi,

    We are working on designing a win 8 app with sencha, i have checked the ST 2.2 , all the samples follows the same theme as we have in 2.1. How can i get the tile styling same as win 8 native....
  12. here is my code, it works fine for certain urls
    i have no server side access to these public services {

  13. i am not able to load data from store to List.
    My Code

    Ext.define('Contact', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    idProperty: 'CompanyCode',
    fields: [
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