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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to display a 'List' in which each 'ListItem' consists of a 'checkboxfield' and a 'component'. The 'component' displays a html table. The layout of 'ListItem' is 'hbox'. My problem...
  2. Here are the 2 files :-


    (Note:- above file was too large to upload it here)

  3. Actually I had installed a fresh copy of Android SDK just to check whether it was causing the problem or not. So that's why the path differs... my mistake I didn't change back the path before...
  4. Yes sure...

    * @cfg applicationName
    * @required
    * This is the name of your application, which is displayed on the device when the app is installed. On IOS, this...
  5. Hi,

    I'm facing this awkward error while native packaging with sencha packager and I cannot get my head around it. While native packaging, cmd-prompt stops working-


    And then clicking...
  6. Hi,

    I want to set the defaultHeaders of the data connection( my store's proxy is using to send request to the server.
    Is there any way to get a instance of the data...
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    I have using Ajax GET request for quite sometime now, but I'm pretty new to POST, PUT & DELETE requests and having a hard time implementing those in my app.

    I have gone through various...
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    I have been successful in implementing the GET request using the Odata Connector to SAP backend. But now I'm stuck with the PUT request.

    I'm getting the error - "CSRF token validation...
  9. Hi,

    I am using selectfield in my ST2 app. The options in the selectfield gets loaded after the data is fetched from the server.

    I am capturing the focus event on the selectfield to render the...
  10. Hi,

    I'm using Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP in my ST2 app to integrate with SAP mobile platforms such as Netweaver Gateway. My OData service requires basic authentication (username and...
  11. Hi,

    I am using a Ruby Gem (sassy-buttons) in my App. When I test the app in the browser, app runs OK. But when I native package the app using command "sencha app build native", there is the...
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    Looks like I made a silly mistake /:)

    I'm using internationalization and localization in my app... for that I have additional resources (2 language files)... Adding those files under "resources"...
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    On running the command "sencha app build native", I get the following error :-

    [ERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
    [ERR] Total time: 4 seconds
  14. Is there any other way to use images as icons other than using icons as fonts??
  15. Hi,

    I have some images that I want to use as Icons in my app. I am aware that in Sencha 2.2 and above, Icons are used as fonts. So I tried to covert the images into SVG format and tried to covert...
  16. Packaging with an older version of Sencha Cmd might be the cause of this problem...

    Now I used the latest Sencha Cmd( and added a statement in Ajax Request-

    useDefaultXhrHeader: false,...
  17. Hi,

    I am trying to package my ST 2.3.1 App using PhoneGap.

    Here is the Software Specs :-

    Sencha Touch 2.3.1
    PhoneGap 3.4.0-0.19.17
    Cordova 3.4.1-0.1.0
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.2.67
  18. I have packaged the app using sencha cmd

    So please suggest... how to whitelist the domain in this case...
  19. Application is packaged... I have installed the apk in the emulator and then I'm remote debugging it
  20. Hi,

    I am testing my ST2 App in Browser and Emulator. The App runs smooth on Browser but not on Emulator. The Ajax Requests the app makes have different behaviors in each case.

    On Remote...
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    Thanks :D That did the trick =D>

    type: 'rest',

    url: "http://.....",

    success: function(response){
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    I am trying to consume a Restful Web Service in my ST2 app. The response type is plain text/html. The response is a plain single line text, and does not contain any attributes to be mapped to...
  23. Hi,

    I have a List that displays numbers and text. When I tap on the number in any List Item, the app exits and the number gets copied to device's dialing screen (Obviously this happens only when I...
  24. Thanks alexander.urban ... I'll sure keep that in mind :)
  25. I am trying to add an Image to a panel inside a Carousal. The first screen of Carousel contains an Image, a Fieldset and a Button. The second screen contains a Fieldset.

    The image in the first...
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