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    Buffered store is completely borked in 4.2.x. If the store is buffered it uses a PageMap instead of a MixedCollection for it's data. Unfortunately, PageMap is an incomplete implementation so a...
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    Is storeLD01_Objet a global variable? You are not providing any scope to the object.
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    loadstore: function (link) {
    this.getProxy ().url = 'foo' + link + 'bar';
    this.load ();
  4. The tip is controlled by Ext.dd.StatusProxy. You'll want to extend this to create your customized tip and then override the DragSource on your control to use your StatusProxy.

    Alternatively if...
  5. Create 2 models one for item and another for datasheet. In your item modal add a "has many" assocation to the datasheet model.

    Pass the item store to your grid and when you hit the action column...
  6. You cannot have two items in the same tree with the same id. If you need to have the same item in multiple paths in the tree it will have to have a unique id for each instance.
  7. I don't think accordion supports this out of the box. You could probably do it but would likely have to redo all of the panel header stuff to support vertical headers.

    I would implement (or find...
  8. If you've done java or c/c++ or php then javascript will not be a huge leap for you. You should be able to read code and get a general understanding of what it does. What I would take time to learn...
  9. What makes ExtJS code so hard to read is the fact that it is so compartmentalized. When you go to look for something in a class it turns out that the actual code you are looking for is in a base...
  10. Have you tried turning off 'autoCreateViewport' and creating it manually in launch?
  11. Beats me then. I don't really use cmd because it is a beta product and allows for very little customization. I.E. if you don't do everything just the way it likes it breaks. I would suggest...
  12. Are you getting any console errors or warnings?
  13. You probably need a requires for your tab panel so cmd knows to include it.
  14. This is an ExtJS bug and I would report it in the bug forum.


    Run the fiddle. Note that there are 2 icons: collapse refresh
    Collaps the panel. Note that there is 1 icon: collapse...
  15. Well first It sounds like you want to hit the server and do something either before or after the load. First I would extend as the base proxy essentially does nothing.

    If you...
  16. Override buildRequest on your proxy:

    buildRequest: function (operation) {
    var me = this,
    request = me.callParent (operation);

    request.jsonData = request.params;
  17. First you would override the .x-form-invalid-field css class to remove the red borders.

    Then I would recommend using msgTarget: side which would give you the exclamation point on the side with a...
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    Ext.getCmp ('tabs').addTab (...
  19. All the columns use a shared menu. To achieve what you are trying to do, you'll need to override the showMenuBy function and customize the menu there.
  20. Are you setting both the title and iconCls? I don't see either in your example. The iconCls is applied to the header element, which you won't have without a title.
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    There is no workaround. You cannot create content outside of a browser window and the iframe's boundry is effectively the "browser window" for its document.

    You'll either have to create the...
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    ExtJS 4 is production. Sencha Cmd is beta. The sdk tools are beta.

    Until Cmd is out of beta and working much better than it does now, Sencha should continue to support jsbuilder. There is no...
  23. It's always better to save the result of a function if you are going to use it multiple times.

    That will remove all changes but it's a pretty simple function if you wanted to do a modified version that only...
  25. Ifs are a PITA in templates.

    It's not really an answer but if I were you I would add a template function and put your if and external references in there.
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