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  1. Hello,

    you could use the State-functions from Ext and use a CookieProvider!/api/Ext.state.CookieProvider

    to store the currently selected columns...
  2. Hi,

    I usually tend to assign an unique ID is such cases. So every tree node has an unique id and on opening the associated tab I assign this unique tree node ID as tab<UID> to the tab.

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    The borders you marked on your screen have rounded corners and the content is padded so I would issume that you used framed: true ... this is where the borders originate from ...

    If you use...
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    Configure your gridPanel and set its viewConfig loadMask property to false:

    Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    // other options
    viewConfig: {
    loadMask: false
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    If you have a look at the examples at [1] you will see how to create a stacked bar chart. If you want them to be stacked to 100% you will have to provide the percentages in your store data...
  6. As Farish already said, the id field has to be 0 otherwise there will be no POST request. Your form has ClientNumber as blank:false so I assume that this value will be always something different than...
  7. Hi,

    that's weird, I took the example from one of my ExtJS apps which is written in 4.1.3, there is the config available:!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-cfg-style

  8. In the newer Ext versions you can define a panel as HTMLstyled which will add some basic HTML styling including UL-lists. Just set

    styleHtmlContent: true
    for the component.


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome / FF / IE / Opera

    I tried to modify the listConfig for an ItemSelector like...
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    Hello, these grey boxes don't belong to the ExtJS-framework but are only defined for the examples:

    Ext.example.msg('Button Click','You clicked the "{0}" button.', btn.displayText || btn.text);
  11. Usually you would obtain a reference to the parent Panel (as you're already doing it) and then calling parentPanel.removeAll() - which will remove al child items of that parent Panel. After that you...
  12. If you're defining your proxy on the model (and not on the store) you could simply do a which would POST your model to the defined URL ...
  13. The easiest way would be to have an script-block at your HTML-Page which provides this variable as a global.

    var myConfVar = 42;
    <.... ext_4_1_1/ressources/ext-all.js...
  14. Hi,

    you are using field.getEl() which returns an DOM Element, so I'm not quite sure what you are trying to adress by your up / down - paths ...

    Most likely you will end up having a DOM Element...
  15. I think this will be a complex task to solve.

    You'll have to look for closures, double check all components to provide destructor-methods, avoid calling .on but rather use .mon and so on ...
  16. Either install your own Batiq server which renders SVG -> png and override the URL or you could try the approach by using php and imageMagick described here:
  17. The alignment of any buttons ...... refers to a button object in a docked bottom bar, not an button xtype which is inserted as child of that panel ....
  18. Hi,

    you asked about performance of grid, not about possibility to insert whatever you want to.

    You can use whatever you want as an element of an grid, but if you're adding a bunch of lets say...
  19. How about providing the image dimensions server side using store load?

    On application launch load a store which contains all necessary image informations, put a callback on that and then load you...
  20. Just as I said, there is no way for Ext to "know" the dimensions before you load them, so only AFTER the items are rendered a resize would work.

    I'm still not sure, what you're trying to achieve....
  21. I also had this problem when using images. The solution was to provide the height of the images as config option. Or maybe try using align: stretch...

    The problem is, that on the first run the...
  22. Call Ext.suspendLayouts() before you start iterating over your buttons and when you're done call Ext.resumeLayouts(). This is available as of Ext 4.1.1.

    Each and every hide and show action causes...
  23. You're overnesting your panels.

    Just add the tabPanel as your center-region and then add your grid as direct child of that tabPanel. You won't have to specify any layout-types at all...

  24. Hi,

    why don't you use an actionColumn for that? It just displays icons (no performance hit) and allows to define a handler when the icon is clicked ...

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    as Ext4 has nothing to do with the server side programming language I'd say there is no 'THE PHP version'. However the examples given for the tree is written in PHP and uses the PHP native...
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